As we strum our way into the final chords of 2023, we at TrueFire want to take a moment to reflect on a year filled with musical exploration, growth, and, most importantly, the joy of learning. Here’s a look at the incredible journey we’ve shared:

🔥 New Course Releases: The Heart of Our Journey

January: We started the year with 14 new course and song lesson releases, including Rick Stickney’s 30 Timeless R&B Fills, Jimmy Vivino’s Blues House: Boogie Down, and Rob Swift’s One Man Jam: Acoustic. Those three courses have proved to be among students’ favorites of the year.

February: Following a strong start to the year, we introduced Greg Koch’s Hybrid Picking from The Gristle Shop, Ariel Posen’s Jump Start Slide Guitar, and Eric Haugen’s Guitar Zen: Improv Strategies, which was yet another strong addition to our most popular series.

March: As spring approached, Jack Ruch’s Manual for Tasty Blues Rhythm was introduced, along with Basics of Home Recording from our sister company, FaderPro, and the unveiling of Keb’ Mo’s masterclass series, Americana Roots.

April: Rick Stickney returned with the launch of R&B Guitar Fills Playbook, and we also released our first Easy Guitar SongPack as well as Greg Koch’s Rhythm Chops from the Gristle Shop.

May: As the flowers started to bloom, Guthrie Trapp joined the TrueFire faculty with his first course, Roots Recharge, which is one of the top 5 courses of the year.

June: Joanna Connor brought the noise with Blues Thunder, and Eric Haugen was back again with Guitar Zen: Playing the Changes.

July: The summertime fun continued with Ariel Posen’s Slide Storyteller and the momentous release of Yngwie Malmsteen’s MaestroClass, which proved to be our most popular rock course release of the year and received acclaim from our students across the globe.

August: As it became time to get back to music school, we explored world music with Tony McManus’s Celtic Guitar Foundations, dove deep with Greg Koch’s Exotic Blues from The Gristle Shop, and got a little dirty with Rick Stickney’s Filthy Funk Phrasing for Lead Guitar.

September: We celebrated the return of fall with a bevy of refreshing new courses, including Jack Ruch’s Manual for Tasty Blues Soloing, Mike Dawes’ Play Like Van Halen.

October: Rocktoberfest kicked off with a real doozy: Eric Johnson’s Tone, Melody & Truth was released to much fanfare, and we also launched Monster Mike Welch’s Deep Blues: Rhythm, Orianthi’s Soundscapes, Tim Lerch’s Solo Jazz Pathways: The Blues, and The Ear Training Workshop, which is a must-have for all levels.

November: We welcomed the holiday season and celebrated with the release of Mike Zito’s Blues-Rock Fire & Flair and an incredibly unique and insightful project between two great artists, Ned’s & Stephen’s 2-Man Bluegrass Jam.

December: Our most wonderful sale of the year, 12 Days of December, would only be complete with 12 new releases, and we’re very excited to share each one with you. Check out what’s been released and what’s still to come!

All in all, we launched 138 (!) new titles in 2023. Each course, crafted by our expert educators, added new dimensions to your playing. Whether you were bending blues notes or mastering jazz chords, we hope these lessons resonated with your musical soul.

🌟 Special Highlights:

JamPlay Merger: This year marked a groundbreaking moment for us with the merger of JamPlay into the TrueFire family. This collaboration has expanded our resources, bringing together a wealth of expertise and a wider array of courses. It’s more than a merger; it’s a new era in online music education, offering you an even richer learning experience.

Marty Friedman: We were thrilled to collaborate with the legendary Marty Friedman. His unique course series, The Art of Soloing, not only delves into his iconic playing style but also offers invaluable insights into creativity and expression on the guitar. Marty’s presence has added a new dimension to our curriculum, inspiring guitarists to push their boundaries.

The Martin Lesson Room: In an exciting partnership with Martin Guitars, we introduced The Martin Lesson Room, an exclusive online learning platform focusing on acoustic guitar mastery. These lessons, featuring some of the finest Martin artists, cover techniques, styles, and the rich history of acoustic guitar music, embodying the essence of this iconic brand.

iOS App Update: Our commitment to providing a seamless learning experience saw a significant leap with the latest update to our iOS app. The new features, including enhanced video playback, personalized lesson plans, and offline access, ensure that your learning journey is more intuitive and engaging than ever.

Community Updates: Our community is our heartbeat, and this year, we’ve made several updates to enrich your experience. From revamped Discord channels to interactive challenges and private lessons, these updates aim to foster deeper connections, provide support, and celebrate your musical achievements. We believe that together, we can create a symphony of learning and inspiration.

👀 Looking Ahead:
As we tune our strings for 2024, expect more exhilarating courses, community events, and innovative learning tools. Your feedback and suggestions are the melody that guides our path, so keep those coming!

🎁 Special Offer:
To celebrate the year’s end, we’re offering some of our best deals of the year as part of our 12 Days of December, including 60% off All Access, 70% off All Access Plus, $5 downloads, $10 courses & jams, and much more!

🙌 Thank You:
Your dedication to learning and love for music is what fuels TrueFire. Together, we’re not just playing notes; we’re creating symphonies of dreams and aspirations.

Keep the fire burning, and let’s make 2024 a melodious year!