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Here at TrueFire we have the privilege of working with many gifted music educators — all very talented individuals who have dedicated their lives to teaching others how to play music and reap the benefits of this very special talent.

Given the recession and the virtual obliteration of music education in school systems, it’s tough enough to carve out a living as a music teacher, especially in the New York area with its escalated cost of living.

Fortunately, most of the educators that we work with from the area made it through the storm with little damage and just a few days of power loss and inconvenience. However, three of our educators weren’t so lucky. Bruce Arnold, Chris Buono and Steve Adelson all got hit pretty bad.

Steve Adelson’s family, based on Long Island, lost their home and both cars. Chris Buono’s family lives in New Jersey and they lost the entire first floor of their home and all of its contents. Bruce Arnold’s family resides in the city and while his apartment survived, his teaching and rehearsal studio was completely flooded and he lost ALL of his gear and equipment. Amazingly, their spirits are high despite being faced with such severe financial disaster.

We’re shooting to raise $5,000, which of course won’t cover the extent of their losses, but will go a long way in lifting their spirits and helping out with a few essentials while they get their lives back together.

Our company will contribute $1,000. I will also personally contribute $1,000. I am hopeful that the Indiegogo community can help us meet or beat our goal. All of the funds raised will be split three ways amongst all three families.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Brad, Founder & CEO of TrueFire

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