TrueFire’s Eye & Ear Exams are practical, hands-on, ear training and fretboard recognition workouts for the practicing guitarist.

Guitarists use their eyes and ears extensively when learning and playing. Watching the fretboards of other players in the band, or at the jam, helps guitarists pick up on the key of the tune, or the chords and progressions being played. We also learn new chord voicings, new techniques, and even single note lines simply by watching and listening to our favorite artists.

Being able to hear and recognize intervals, tonalities, progressions, rhythms, and melodic phrases help us learn new material quickly and interact with other musicians at a much higher level.

TrueFire’s Eye & Ear Exams is NOT a traditional ear training approach designed to help players develop perfect pitch, or even recognize specific notes that are being played. While anyone would love to have perfect pitch, it’s not what most guitarists need.

What is needed is the ability to hear and immediately recognize a chord progression, interval, or chord tonality. Guitarists need to be able to see and immediately recognize what another guitarist is playing on their fretboard. These skills accelerate the learning process and help take that guitarist to the next level.

TrueFire’s Eye & Ear Exams feature a library of Eye & Ear Exams across a variety of levels (from beginner to advanced), and focused on a variety of categories (chord tonalities, intervals, rhythms, chord progressions, fretboard recognition, etc.).

All of the exams are scored based on accuracy and time to complete. Scores are then posted to a master scoreboard to help guitarists rate their progress as they move up the scoreboard ladder.

Take your eyes and ears to boot camp with TrueFire’s Eye & Ear Exams!