Here is your chance to jam with Tommy Emmanuel! Stevie’s Blues: The International Blues Jam… played by people all over the world!

How to Participate

1) Listen to this video with headphones and play along. You can play the main riff, rhythm or solo – it’s up to you.
2) Record yourself playing, any instrument is welcome! It doesn’t have to be amazing quality, as long as we can hear the notes well.
3) Upload your video to a file sharing site (some listed below).
4) Email your shared file to WITH your name and country (where you were playing in the video).
5) Keep an eye on Tommy Emmanuel’s Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, Google+ or YouTube for the release of the International Blues Jam video!

Please note:
– If there are a huge number of submissions, we will pick out a variety a videos at our discretion.
– Don’t worry about your skill level! This is about enjoying music and is not a competition! Everyone will have an equal chance of getting picked.
– Only ONE submission per person.
– The deadline is the 25th of May

Some file sharing sites:‎

Chords: E7 E7 A7 E7 B7 A7 E7

Stevie’s Blues is a piece by Tommy that is on his album, Determination (band version). It is an homage to the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan.