Our 12 Days of December promotion was bigger than ever this year, with 12 new sales, giveaways, courses, and song lessons – one per day for all 12 days. We gave away over $10,000 in prizes, and here are the winners (listed by TrueFire username – each person contacted directly via email).

Drum roll please…

2014 Winners – 12 Days of December Giveaways

BNPunk – a $500 TrueFire Gift Card
cmaj7dmin7 – a $500 TrueFire Gift Card
selmer54 – a $500 TrueFire Gift Card
monsteroflove – a $500 TrueFire Gift Card
julgu – a $500 TrueFire Gift Card
Matteo67 – a $500 TrueFire Gift Card
fearn0evil – a Fender Pawn Shop Vaporizer Amp
b2101 – a Free Lifetime Pro Student Plan
hchase – a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister TM18/12 1×12” 18-Watt Tube Combo Amp
hjones175 – a Line 6 AMPLIFi 160 Guitar Combo Amp
sixstringalchemist – a PRS SE Singlecut Trem Electric Guitar
56Stude – a Taylor 114e Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar
go49ners – a Workshop of your choice
aufan – a Workshop of your choice
mercyblue – a Workshop of your choice
sreading100 – a Workshop of your choice
tolsson – a Workshop of your choice
jcb9456 – an Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II Archtop Electric Guitar
JackChord – an iPad Mini + Apple Gift Card
wharmon – an iPad Mic Stand
JerryAllen – an iPad Mic Stand
jambozo21 – an iPad Mic Stand
pcs9000 – an iPad Mic Stand
mmsereda – an iPad Mic Stand
trdesign – the Ultimate Jam Pedal Collection