Bonnaroo, the epic summer concert event is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year and if their recently released musical lineup tells us anything, it’s that 2011 is going to be the biggest year yet. We’re esteemed veterans of Bonnaroo (if you missed our coverage of last year’s show for Guitar Player magazine, check it out here). We’ve been on the mountain high. We’ve stood beneath the thunderclouds, found salvation in the mud; received the Roo’s bountiful musical goodness, and we’re here to proclaim to all you non-believers these 10 Bonnaroo Commandments:

Commandment #1
Thou Shall Embrace Rain Gear, Baby Wipes, Sun Screen, and Deodorant

Commandment #2
Thou Shall Not Make For Yourself Any Excuse To Miss Arcade Fire

Commandment #3
Thou Shall Not Be Sloth, But Make Haste to Manchester, TN

Commandment #4
Remember the Black Keys and Keep Them Holy

Commandment #5
Honor Greg Allman, That Your Days May Be Long Upon the Land

Commandment #6
Thou Shall See No Other Bands Before Robert Plant and Band of Joy

Commandment #7
Thou Shall Not Commit Musical Adultery by Watching Post-Bonnaroo Clips on YouTube When You Can See the Real Thing As It Unfolds

Commandment #8
There is No Other Before Loretta Lynn, Thou Shall Enrich Thyself With Her Music and Rejoice

Commandment #9
Buffalo Springfield Featuring Richie Furay, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Rick Rosas, and Joe Vitale

Commandment #10
Thou Shall Not Sit At Home on June 19th 2011 When Rock n’ Roll History is Being Made

For info on Bonnaroo 2011 and to see their entire killer lineup visit the official Bonnaroo website.