As the Beatles once sang, “All You Need is Love” but hey, let’s be honest — everyone knows a little gift now a then helps your lover feel extra special. Guitarists can be especially difficult to find a Valentine’s Day gift for, but luckily we put this list together to help you find a thoughtful gift for your favorite guitar player. Here are 7 Rockin’ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guitarists:

1. “I Pick You” Guitar Pick Pendant

Ah, now ain’t that sweet! This thoughtful guitar pendant comes with gift bag ready for giving. Ideal for any guitar player, male or female, this stainless steel pendant can sit in the home studio, on the desk, or in the gig bag. Your love for them will last forever and so will this gift!

2. Gift Certificate for Online Guitar Lessons

guitar gift certificate valentine day
Giving the gift that keeps on giving: TrueFire online guitar lessons! After all, all the gear is useless unless the guitarist can play! Check out TrueFire gift certificates, which start at just $25. A $200 gift certificate will get your lover a year of All Access to 30,000+ guitar lessons across all styles and skill levels. The best part about this guitar gift? It’s instant! If you’re in need of a last minute gift, grab one of these bad boys print it out, stick it in a sweet card, and you’re good to go.

3. Guitar Coffee Mug

If your favorite guitarist loves a hot cup o’ joe almost as much as he or she loves you, then this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them.

4. Heart-Hole Ukulele

Guitar players love to play other stringed instruments like the ukulele, and he or she can quickly learn some tropical love songs to make you swoon on Valentine’s Day. The “heart-hole” is a little extra touch for this holiday in particular, but any decent ukulele would make a great present!

5. Love Songs Guitar Chord Songbook

When it comes to learning how to play songs on guitar, you can never have too many guitar chord songbooks. What better way to ring in the holiday of love than with some new love songs?! Pick this up for your guitar player, and your heartstrings are sure to get tugged, too.

6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Peace, love, and… a little quiet time! Everyone could use a little more of all three, and these high-quality, noise-cancelling Bose headphones are sure to make any guitarist a very happy man or woman. Not only do they allow him or her to listen to their favorite music, watch some video guitar lessons, or hear their own recordings, but they’ll make the home studio a quieter place for everyone — that means some peace and quiet for you as well!

7. A Lovely Music Book

Guitar players love to learn about their favorite artists or bands and gain inspiration. Books like the “Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain, and America” are great gifts for musicians of all shapes and sizes.

Have any other Valentine’s Day gifts for guitarists ideas? Share them in the comments. And remember, love IS all you need!

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