There are dozens of “art guitars” with multiple necks that can never be played. It’s just about the look for some of these creations. So, the National Guitar Museum decided to go one further and create a guitar with 8 necks–more than any other in the world–that can actually be played. It’s nicknamed the “Rock Ock,” weighs about 40 pounds, and has 154 frets and 51 strings. If you’re going to make something like that, it should be real and it is! It wasn’t easy, but they got through a few verses of “Crossroads” with every neck in full swing. See for yourself.

The guitar was designed by Gerard Huerta, built by Dan Neafsey, and commissioned by the National Guitar Museum.

The players are as follows: Dan Neafsey: Mandolin; Billy Perlman: Ukulele; Gerard Huerta: 6 String; HP Newquist: Fretless Bass; Connor Levinson: Bass; Dave Hill: 12 String; Glenn Levinson: Baritone Guitar; Kent Haehl: 7 String; Doug Seirup: Camera & Editing.