by Zach Wendkos

The national unemployment rate currently sits at 9%, and we have a feeling that figure is at least a little higher for musicians out there. But it shouldn’t be. At least not with online music collaboration platforms available like Indaba Music, which has just launched an “Opportunities Marketplace” for band peeps in need.

Indaba, which Mashable has referred to previously as the “LinkedIn of music,” has a community made up of over 500,000 musicians. The platform provides its musically-inclined users with a place to build a profile, promote their music and collaborate with other musicians from all over the globe. Indaba also has a bunch of contests and work-for-hire opportunities that can help band members pay the bills. In fact, 26 recordings sourced through Indaba Music have been released by major record labels, and many previously-unknown bands have scored the chance to collaborate with famous artists like of Weezer and Linkin Park.

With its new “Opportunities Marketplace” feature, Indaba is making it easier for bands to find opportunities by giving musicians, brands, marketers and others an online place where they can connect. For example, big-name artists can host remix contests, A&R reps can find new stuff, and others in the entertainment business can seek out music for commercials, TV and film. Essentially, Indaba is like that bulletin board in your college dorm hall or in the local Starbucks, but with a lot better opportunities and a much greater availability of talent.

“Musicians now have even more ways to get discovered and earn a living using Indaba Music,” says Indaba co-founder Matthew Siegel. “The core of Indaba is about collaboration and content creation, which can be a recreational activity; but in the case of the Opportunity Marketplace, we can also generate serious recognition and income.”


Watch the video below to learn more about Indaba, and be sure to check out their website for more details.