How Good Is Your Hearing?
If you plan on using your ears for the rest of your life make sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions to protect them – especially if you’re a guitarist. We six-string-slingers are prone to hearing loss and a life-long case of chronic, amp-at-eleven induced tinnitus is enough to make you go mad — literally.

How to conduct the test:
Click on the MP3 files below to conduct your very own hearing test. Most people over the age of 25 cannot hear frequencies past 15 kHz. The author cannot hear above 12 kHz. Scary. How high can you go?

We recommend you conduct this experiment in a relatively quiet space with earbuds or headphones on.

8 kHz – Everyone should be able to hear this one

10 kHz – This is where the tones start to get a little painful

12 kHz – Imagine having this sound ringing in your ears 24/7 — as in having Tinnitus

14 kHz – Can’t hear this one? Start wearing earplugs ASAP

15 kHz – Most people can’t hear past this frequency

16 kHz –
You’re above average if you can hear this one, congrats!

17 kHz –
Ooh, you’ve got good ears — don’t ruin them

18 kHz – You tell us what this sounds like because we can’t hear it

19 kHz – Getting close to the maximum hearing range of human beings

20 kHz – If you can hear this you deserve a Golden Ear award

If you’re freaked out by this hearing test, don’t take it to heart – this isn’t scientific or meant to be a medical diagnosis by any means. If you suspect hearing loss or damage, have your hearing tested by a licensed audiologist.