So you want to learn how to not pass out playing harmonica? It seems like the answer would be very easy, and the truth is… it is! So long as you practice properly and take the advice of expert harmonica player and educator Annie Raines.

Check out this harmonica lesson below for breathing tips and information on how to not pass out playing harmonica:

How to Not Pass Out Playing Harmonica

Playing the harmonica is all about breathing. When Annie says “draw” and “blow,” what she really means is “inhale” and “exhale.”

Here’s a simple chord exercise to help you learn how to not pass out playing harmonica: open your mouth wide enough to play holes 1-2-3-4. Your lips should be relaxed, not pursed, and the inside, moist part of your lips will be touching the cover plates. This is essential for getting a good seal with no tension. Your jaw should be relaxed also and not extended.

The harmonica is a small instrument, so you only need a small amount of air to play it, even at loud volumes. Now slowly exhale and inhale through the harmonica on holes 1-4, starting quietly and swelling and fading the volume of each breath.

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