When choosing a gift with a musical theme, it’s essential to put some thought and effort into it. There are endless unique gift options designed for guitarists that are both memorable and personal. Below, we have put together a guitar gift guide with 50 ideal gift choices for your loved one.

1. TrueFire E-Gift Certificates

guitar gift certificatesLooking for a great gift for a guitar player? Tight on time? You can’t beat TrueFire eGift Certificates when getting a guitar player a present you know they’ll love. They’re as good as cash at TrueFire and thoughtful enough that you’ll come off as the best gift-giver they’ve ever known.

With a TrueFire eGift Certificate, your guitar player can get access to 50,000+ interactive video guitar lessons including 1,000 guitar courses, 30,000+ tabs, 20,000+ jam tracks, plus a free download bonus, new releases every week, and much, much more!

They also can choose to download awesome guitar courses from famous and popular educators like Steve Vai, Matt Schofield, Larry Carlton, Tommy Emmanuel, Robben Ford, David Grissom, Johnny Hiland, Sonny Landreth, Andy Timmons, Carl Verheyen, Dweezil Zappa, and many, many others.

Give a guitar player a gift that truly keeps giving!

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2. Personalized Guitar Picks

best guitar giftsRegardless of the gift recipient’s style of music, there are multiple options for customized guitar picks. A guitar pick is a practical gift that they will enjoy using. Having it customized adds a personal touch to the present.

To give you some personalization ideas, you can try engraving a line from their favorite song or band or a photo that’s meaningful to them. You can also choose a coin guitar pick from any coin model year going back to 1950.

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3. Snark SN5X Clip-on Guitar Tuner

best guitar giftsAny guitarist is bound to appreciate a guitar tuner on the go. It helps to tune guitars before a gig or to keep the guitar on point. The Snark SN5X is a compact, powerful, and affordable clip-on tuner. It clips on the headstock and picks up vibrations.

The Snark SN5X can rotate 360 degrees so that the recipient can clip it in their preferred position. It has an adequately calibrated tune that has various frequencies to accommodate the bass guitar as well.

There is unmatched accuracy, the display is bright, and it’s easy to use.

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4. Guitar Tablature Manuscript Paper

best guitar giftsGuitar tablature manuscript paper is a thoughtful gift for guitarists. It has six 6-line staves on every page and eight blank chord diagrams at the bottom of the page.

Getting this gift indicates to the recipient that you appreciate their musical skills, and you recognize their creativity. It’s perfect for recording impromptu riffs and writing special chord fingerings when inspiration kicks in.

The guitar tablature manuscript paper is affordable and can fit inside the guitar case.

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5. Vintage Guitar-Shaped Hook

best guitar giftsThe vintage hooks look like the headstock of regular guitars, including the neck and first fret. Besides the creative look, these wall hooks have multiple functions, as you can hang coats, keys, handbags, and other household items.

The hooks are of metal and resin, which adds to their durability. They can bear weights of up to 25 kgs each.

You can select a design that resembles electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. The hook’s style blends in with any room.

As a gift, the recipient can decorate their space with beautiful, creative items that have a musical touch.

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6. JamPlay Membership Gift Card

best guitar giftsLooking for gift for the beginner or aspiring guitarist in your life? A JamPlay membership gift card will unlock access to 7,500+ online guitar lessons, a huge library of Song Lessons, excellent beginner learning tools, and so much more.

Getting started is easy and there are plenty of intermediate and advanced courses to “grow into” over time. Give the gift that will last a lifetime!

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7. Personalized Beer Glasses

best guitar giftsMost musicians like unwinding after a practice session or a gig. If your loved one enjoys a pint, getting them a personalized beer glass is a great gift. You can customize it with a personal message or an inspiring quote from their favorite musical icon.

If they prefer non-alcoholic drinks, you can get them a customized cozy mug with a special message. You can also add some graphics, such as a cover of their favorite band.

To add a personal touch, have their name engraved on the glass. Personalized beer glasses are an unforgettable gift for guitarists, musicians, DJs, or any musical enthusiast.

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8. Guitar Rack

best guitar giftsSome people prefer not to mount musical instruments on the wall or have limited wall space. If your loved one falls in this category, one of the best guitar gifts to get them is a guitar rack or stand.

You can select a rack or stand that accommodates one or more guitars. Some can hold up to five guitars.

Guitar racks are portable and suit different situations such as studio sessions, being on the road, or organizing instruments at home. It helps to hold the guitars upright to prevent them from falling or sliding on the floor.

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9. Guitar Display Case

best guitar giftsEvery guitarist needs a classy guitar mount display case to hold their most valuable pieces. A simple, elegant display case is an excellent way to your loved one’s heart.

Some cases are of actual hardwood, with a red felt interior background that adds to class. If the recipient has an electric guitar, you can get a display case that accommodates guitars up to 43.5″ tall.

Guitar display cases have built-in guitar rack holders and metal brackets on the back to facilitate mounting. The exterior surface is smooth and has a layer of low gloss lacquer for protection. It has a hinged and lockable door to protect the guitar from dirt and theft.

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10.Ghost Fire Sturdy Locking Aluminum Guitar Effect Pedal Case

best guitar giftsA guitar effect pedal case is a great gift option for guitarists with any experience level of experience. The Ghost Fire Sturdy Locking Aluminum Guitar Effect Pedal Case has edges reinforced with aluminum. It ensures that the case can handle regular transportation.

Additionally, the board is light, high-density, and fireproof to absorb any impact. The latches are chrome-plated to enhance safety and durability.

The Ghost Fire Sturdy Locking Aluminum Guitar Effect Pedal Case can accommodate 6-8 effectors, multiple pedals, and other accessories. The interior is PPE veneer and padded with high-density foam to protect the contents from shock and impact.

It has a pedal fastener for extra security and can hold 8-12 single effect pedals and a large foot effect pedal.

The Ghost Fire Sturdy Locking Aluminum Guitar Effect Pedal Case is a great gift choice. It’s light and easy to carry without compromising the safety and security of the contents.

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11. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

best guitar giftsThe Audio-Technica studio headphones are one of the best gifts for guitarists. They have sound isolation properties that enable the wearer to hear themselves pay without creating external noise.

The M-Series ATH-M30x is professional headphones tuned for high-quality audio ideal for various situations such as field recordings. They are durable and comfortable for prolonged sessions. They also have circumaural contoured ear-cups with a tight seal to enhance sound isolation.

The Audio-Technica studio headphones have a screw-on adapter and a single-side cable exit. If the gift recipient has a family or likes to play during odds hours, your gift will leave an impression.

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12. Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat

best guitar giftsEvery guitarist requires a comfy chair for maximum productivity. The Gator Frameworks guitar seat is stylish, comfortable, and comes with an in-built stand for a guitar.

With a 300-pound weight capacity, this seat can accommodate guitarists with a heavy build. It has a soft, thick, padded cushion and a detachable ergonomic backrest.

The feet have rubber studs to prevent slippage and a safety pin that enhances stability. The guitar stand at the front can fold up and doesn’t hinder the toe-tapping foot. It’s perfect for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.

The Gator Frameworks guitar seat is collapsible and easy to carry between gigs, and fits in small storage spaces.

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13. Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Interface

best guitar giftsA successful recording session requires quality gear. Nowadays, quality recording equipment is easy to find at affordable costs.

If your loved one is passionate about recording at home or is considering doing so, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo is a great gift choice. It’s affordable, easy to use, and documents the sounds from both vocals and instruments simultaneously.

The Focusrite Scarlett Solo is suitable for recording guitars without distortion. The outputs are well balanced and hum-free for quality audio playback.

You can connect it directly to a PC or Mac using a USB cable, eliminating the need for external power.

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14. FaderPro Gift Card

best guitar giftsFor the aspiring music producer in your life, a FaderPro gift card is the perfect treat! Your gift will give them the opportunity to watch how more than 60 of the world’s top DJs and electronic music producers create music that has brought them global success.

And with over 130 in-studio courses covering a multitude of genres, there’s bound to be one that’ll take their music to the next level.

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15. PreSonus Eris E3.5 Studio Monitors

best guitar giftsRecording music in a home studio requires hard work. Regardless of the effort, it’s common to get some errors and imperfections on the final recording. To curb this challenge, studio monitors come in handy.

If the guitarist is keen on perfecting their recording skills, a pair of quality studio monitors is a great gift choice. The PreSonus Eris E3.5 studio monitors are available at affordable prices.

The best part is, they aren’t just suitable for the music studio. Your loved one can use them when listening to music, watching movies, or gaming with his friends and family.

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16. TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Tuner Pedal

best guitar giftsAny guitarist with a knack for performance needs to have a tuner pedal added to their pedalboard. The device makes it possible to tune guitars when switching songs.

The TC Electronic PolyTune 3 is a compact stompbox with one switch and a wide, readable display.

The tuner already has several pre-programmed tunings, enabling the guitarist to switch the reference pitch. The display is customizable in different ways to ensure tuning is fast and easy.

If your guitarist considers assembling a pedal rack, treating them to the TC Electronic PolyTune 3 is a good idea.

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17. Planet Waves Planet Lock Guitar Strap

best guitar giftsA damaged shoulder strap is a common cause of damage to a guitar. One of the easiest ways to protect a guitar is having a solid strap with a secure locking system.

The Planet Waves Lock Guitar Strap is leather-made and comes with soft, strong clips. It’s possible to adjust it from 59.5” (5 ft.) to 35” (3 ft.) to accommodate players with a large build. It’s suitable for any guitar finish and comes in various colors and patterns.

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18. Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay Machine Pedals

best guitar giftsGifting a guitarist Electro-Harmonix pedals is an appreciable way of nurturing their creativity. It’s a guitar pedal that comes with vintage tape-based keyboard sounds from the ’60s and ’70s Mellotron.

Using a small dial, your guitarist can switch between nine authentic Mellotron sounds; low and high choir, orchestra, flute, clarinet, brass, sax, strings, and cello.

It has Attack and Sustain controls that make it possible to shape sounds. The distinguish Dry, and Effect outputs accommodate dual-amp setups.

It’s perfect for any electronic keyboard, bass, and electric guitar.

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19. Shure SE215 In-ear Monitors

best guitar giftsIn-ear monitors are often expensive, but the Shure SE215 is an affordable option. These in-ear monitors offer unbeatable sound quality and are comfy enough to have on for prolonged periods.

They are available in wired and wireless versions and come in different colors. For the wired versions, the cables are detachable.

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20. ArtistWorks: Online Lessons with Master Musicians!

best guitar giftsArtistWorks offers high-quality online lessons with some of the world’s most celebrated players and teachers. Get access to a guided path of lessons that spans all levels of playing, paired with tablature and play-along tracks. PLUS, trade practice videos with Grammy Award winning artists and receive feedback tailored specific to your playing goals. Signup for the $10 Test Drive and get your first month for only $10! Use code TESTDRIVE at checkout and we’ll see you online!

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21. Vox AP2AC amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Amplifier

best guitar giftsMost high-quality headphones need an outboard amplifier to enhance the sound. A headphone amp serves this purpose.

The Vox AP2AC amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Amplifier is a reasonably priced product. It has various features that allow sound customization. It comes with auxiliary input, making it possible to attach another sound source or instrument.

The Vox amp is compact and available in various finishes such as metal, lead, clean, classic rock, and blues. AAA batteries power it, and the lightweight nature allows it to fit in a pocket.

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22. Hercules GS523B Guitar Stand

best guitar giftsSome guitarists prefer displaying their valuable pieces in the open. If your guitarist is among them, getting them a sturdy guitar stand is an excellent idea.

The Hercules GS523B is a valuable option, and it can accommodate three acoustic or electric guitars. It can also expand to hold up to six pieces.

The Hercules GS523B is a product of high-quality metal and padded with thick foam on surfaces in contact with the guitars.

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23. Mogami Gold Instrument-18 Guitar Cable

best guitar giftsThe instrument cable’s quality affects the tone produced by the amplifier. High-quality cables in good condition are an asset for any guitarist.

The Mogami Gold Instrument-18 Guitar Cable ensures the tone is robust, reliable, and transparent. The UHD spiral shielding minimizes the static noises.

The cable is 18 feet long and, therefore, suitable for both the studio and stage. It has gold-plated connectors to enhance durability and tone quality.

The Gold Instrument-18 cable is compatible with amps, electric, and acoustic guitars.

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24. Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro

best guitar giftsManually winding the tuners requires both time and effort. When using an automatic string winder, your guitarist can complete this task faster and without much trouble. It makes setting up and packing up after a gig or practice very easy.

The Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro uses batteries and is compatible with guitar pegs and tuning machines.

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25. D’Addario NS Guitar Capo

best guitar giftsMost acoustic and electric guitarists have a capo to increase the strings’ pitch. It comes in handy when they have no time for a full re-tune.

The D’Addario NS Guitar Capo is strong and compatible with both six and 12-string acoustic and electric guitars. It’s also usable on radiused fretboards.

This metallic capo comes with a screw to adjust the tension and is operable using one hand.

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26. Ernie Ball Glass Slide

best guitar giftsSlides are a popular addition to string guitars. Glass slides produce a smooth, clean tone.
Ernie Ball glass slides have 4mm thick borosilicate glass. It’s smooth to allow gliding over the surface and very durable.

The exterior diameter is 1 inch (2.54 cm), and it’s 5.8 cm long. These dimensions are suitable for any 6-string guitar, such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and resonators.

This sleek slide emits a clear, bright tone on high strings and warm, low tones from the bass strings to suit any musical style.

The Ernie Ball glass slide is a very affordable gift choice.

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27. D’Addario Humidipak

best guitar giftsWhen humidity is very high or very low, guitars tend to buffer. Acoustic guitars are most affected as they are more fragile than other types.

The D’Addario Humidipak works both ways by adding humidity when the levels are low and minimizing it when the levels are too high. It conditions the interior of acoustic guitars.

By default, the Humidipak’s humidity level is 45% which suits most acoustic guitars. The pack includes a headstock mesh bag, a soundhole mesh cover, and three Humidipak bags.

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28. Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit

best guitar giftsGuitarists also require tools to maintain their instruments. A comprehensive tool kit is an excellent gift choice for your guitarist.

The Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit comes with tools to maintain, adjust, and perform minor repairs on electric and acoustic guitars.

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29. String Fuel Cleaner Lubricant

best guitar giftsA good guitar string cleaner and lubricant is an asset for any guitarist. In addition to cleaning, it helps to protect the strings, making them more durable. The gift recipient will appreciate the better sounds the strings will produce while minimizing the finger noises. The fingers also slide on the strings without too much effort, enhancing the playing speed.

String Fuel Cleaner Lubricant has no silicone components and is safe to use on any finish and unfinished wood on the fretboard. It comes in a convenient container with a broad ergonomic applicator that covers all strings at a go. The microfiber cloth applicator is lint-free and fits nicely inside the applicator’s handle. String Fuel Cleaner Lubricant restores and protects the strings. This gift shows the recipient that you’re thinking about their assets.

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30. Donner Guitar Pedalboard with Case

best guitar giftsA pedalboard helps to keep the effect pedals in an organized manner within reach. It minimizes stage clutter and gets rid of long cables.

The Donner Guitar Pedalboard with Case is an affordable, comprehensive package that accommodates two rows of pedals. The board’s material is a strong aluminum alloy and comes with a canvas bag and 60-inch adhesive tape.

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31. ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar Support

best guitar giftsGuitar support enables the guitarist to play while in the proper posture without compromising on comfort. This gift shows that you care about your loved one’s well-being. They can adjust it to suit their preference.
Due to its light nature, it’s easily portable.

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32. Martin Steel-String Backpacker Travel Guitar

best guitar giftsIf your guitarist likes outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and traveling, gifting them the Martin Steel-String Backpacker Travel Guitar will leave an impression.

It’s very light, weighing not more than three pounds. It’s perfect for carrying around and fingerpicking. The strings are of high quality, and the sound is pristine.

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33. JOYO R-03 Uzi Distortion Pedal

best guitar giftsIs your guitarist a heavy metal music fan? If so, a distortion pedal is one of the best gifts for them. It has a high volume gain that’s suitable for heavy metal music.

This distortion pedal gives the guitarist more control over the sound. Despite the glossy finish, it’s very durable and is suitable for a home studio or stage.

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34. Music Nomad MN146 Premium String Changing Kit

best guitar giftsGuitar strings snapping is a common occurrence for avid guitarists. The good news is, there’s a string-changing kit you can gift your loved one. It makes it easy to perform quick repairs on the go.

This convenient changing kit contains a string cutter, peg winder, storage bag, and a TUNE-IT lubricant.

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35. Gator Cases Transit Series Electric Guitar Gig Bag

best guitar giftsIf the guitarist in your life likes jamming with electric guitars, you should consider getting them this soft, waterproof guitar case. The water-resistant qualities make it perfect for traveling. The interior has a plush microfleece lining. It also has padding to protect the guitar and a handle to make carrying it hassle-free.

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36. A New Set of Guitar Strings

best guitar giftsRegardless of how well you maintain the guitar strings, replacement is inevitable. Most guitarists don’t have a backup in case one of the strings snaps. Take the initiative and get your loved one a new set of guitar strings for that moment.

Even with newly replaced strings, having a backup set doesn’t hurt.

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37. Bose L1 Compact System

best guitar giftsThe Bose L1 Compact System is a fantastic, impressionable gift. This elegant sound system produces unmatched sound quality, especially for acoustic guitarists.

The speaker has a vertical shape and utilizes Bose’s Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker technology for exceptional sound projection covering 180-degree horizontally. It’s extensible into two different sizes based on the size of the room. In addition to the light, compact design, it’s collapsible to enhance portability.

If the guitarist is passionate about performing, this is a gift they’ll enjoy as it can project sound evenly on stage and to the audience. It doubles up as a PA system for small to medium-sized venues and an all-rounded monitoring system.

When using the Bose L1 Compact System, there’s no need for an external mixer as it already integrates with an instrument mixer and a 2-channel microphone at the rear.

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38. Guitar Mount Smartphone Holder

best guitar giftsSmartphones are an essential component of any musician’s journey. With everything digital, from music sheets to guitar tuning apps, smartphone’s uses are numerous. If your guitarist uses their smartphone during sessions, gifting them a guitar mount smartphone holder might be the most incredible idea yet.

They have a design with a foam suction cup that allows clipping on the guitar’s headstock or at any other position on the guitar.

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39. Guitar Pick Punch

best guitar giftsMost guitarists always have backup guitar picks stashed somewhere. There are situations, however, where the backups are all in use or get lost.

In such a case, your guitarist will appreciate having a guitar pick punch. It’s a portable and practical gift that makes it possible to make a guitar pick from items such as gift cards or expired credit cards.

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40. Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete Edition

best guitar giftsAny motivated guitarist is bound to appreciate the gift of the Hal Leonard Book. The book includes a wide range of techniques and various styles that will help your loved ones enhance their skills.

It’s a great way to encourage them to improve and widen their capabilities.

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41. iTrack Professional Dock

best guitar giftsThe iTrack Professional Dock is perfect for guitarists who prefer impromptu music recordings via an iPad. With this professional dock, recording is as simple as docking their iPad, plugging it in, and voila! They can start recording right away using their preferred apps such as Garageband and Cubasis.

The recording quality is high, so the resulting music is appropriate for release.

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42.D’Addario VariGrip Hand Exerciser

best guitar giftsPlaying the guitar for prolonged periods requires substantially solid hands and fingers. To help your guitarist enhance their finger strength and agility, consider getting them the VariGrip Hand Exerciser. It’s a great workout device for the forearms, hands, and fingers. It helps to build up strength in all the appropriate areas.

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43. Gibson Memory Cable

best guitar giftsMost musicians begin jam sessions or practice sessions casually and end up creating great musical pieces. Recreating these bits of music without a reference can be challenging, which is where the Gibson Memory Cable comes in handy.

This cable comes with an embedded microSD device capable of recording up to 13 hours of music. Your guitarist will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

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44. Bass or Guitar String Bracelet

best guitar giftsA guitar or bass string bracelet is a thoughtful way to show the guitarist in your life that you appreciate their music as an art form. There are many different DIY patterns and designs available for bracelets made using recycled guitar strings.

The available options also allow you to show off your crafting skills while adding a personal touch to the gift. You can even use strings from one of their guitars to make the gift more valuable.

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45. iTunes Gift Card

best guitar giftsIf you’re still undecided on the kind of gift to get, an iTunes gift card is another option. They can use the card to buy innovative apps to facilitate their musical journey. This gives them access to additional tools they can use to better their skills.

The card is also suitable for downloading music that inspires their creativity.

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46. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

best guitar giftsWhen inspiration hits, most musicians like to block out external noise to focus on the music. Some quiet time is perfect for learning new songs for upcoming gigs or isolating tracks while in the studio.

These high-quality headphones have a unique ability to block all external noise. They are also suitable for noisy commutes, studio sessions, or use at home.

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47. PEPKICN Rock Guitar Style Barbecue Tool Set

best guitar giftsThis barbecue toolset is an excellent way to appreciate your loved one’s musical passion. It comes with stainless steel tools such as tongs and spatulas shaped like electric guitars. For safety purposes, they have extra-long handles and a wooden grip.

This unique gift will give your guitarist the confidence and motivation to show off their barbecuing skills when hanging out with friends on holidays and weekends.

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48. OYE HOYE 3D Neon Guitar LED Light

best guitar giftsThe 3D Neon Guitar LED Light adds a vintage look to the studio or entertainment room. It doubles up as unique wall décor and a light source. The light is a soft, warm glow that doesn’t irritate the eyes. The set has pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

To charge the LED light, all that’s required is a USB device. You can also include a power bank in the gift pack.

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49. Guitar Bookends

best guitar giftsFor guitarists who love to read, guitar bookends might be just what they need. They have a design that features two halves of electric guitars. If you place them next to each other, they form two electric guitars cutting across the middle facing opposite directions.

One bookend has the body of an electric guitar and the neck plus the headstock of a different electric guitar, forming a beautiful display.

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50. Adironstix Musical Instrument Holder

best guitar giftsThe Adironstix Musical Instrument Holder is a beautiful wall art piece. Even on its own, it’s an elegant piece that your loved one will be proud to show off. It has three instrument holders to accommodate string instruments.

You can have it customized to any preferred design and color to suit your loved one’s style.

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51. Creative Motion Guitar Desk Lamp

best guitar giftsThe creative motion guitar desk lamp has a base shaped like a sunburst electric guitar model. The lamp shade’s fabric also has musical notes, symbols, staff, time signatures, and other musical elements.

When the light is on, there’s a beautiful display of shadows of the musical characters on the walls. It’s bound to encourage the gift recipient to get creative or just enjoy the appearance.
The light that shines from above creates a fantastic silhouette of the electric guitar base that looks like a rock star in action.

The lamp is also suitable for stylish table décor and can accommodate a 60-watt type a bulb – a gift that any guitarist will appreciate.

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52. Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System

best guitar giftsMost guitarists can attest to the challenge of dealing with numerous cables on stage. Unlike in past days, they can now use wireless transmitters instead.

The Xvive U2 is a reasonably priced, high-quality digital transmitter-receiver system with a 100 ft. range. It’s suitable for any electric guitar brand or model. It’s a thoughtful gift that your loved one will have no trouble setting up or using.

It uses rechargeable batteries that can last up to five hours and split the signal into four different channels at 2.4 GHz and up to 120 ft, which means that it’s possible to use four different sets of transmitters with various instruments.

Due to its compact nature, it’s easy to move around and can fit in the guitar case, gig bag, or pocket.

It’s durable, foldable, and made of an ABS plastic material that protects the unit from harsh temperatures.

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53. Mineundo Earplugs

best guitar giftsElectric guitarists often play at very high volumes. It’s therefore essential to protect the ears from resulting damage. This gift is the perfect match to help protect your loved one.

The Mineundo lossless earplugs have a passive hi-fi filter suitable for noisy environments with noise levels up to 120 dB, such as concerts and rehearsals. The volume attenuation is continuously adjustable from -7db to – 25 dB without losing sound.

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