Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know how difficult it can be to find a good gift for a guitar player Dad, not to mention an affordable one.

With that in mind, we wanted to help you find some of the best low-priced gifts for a guitar player that you can give your Dad (or yourself!) for Father’s Day.

We’ve organized a killer list of 10 products that any guitar player would love and each is under 50 bucks. Check ’em out, good luck gifting, and happy Father’s Day to you and yours!

1. TrueFire Gift Certificates

guitar giftsOk, just one shameless self-promotion is cool, right? 🙂 Seriously though — if you know anyone who loves the guitar, then we have a feeling they’ll be thanking you for this gift.

After all, it’s truly a great gift and it keeps giving because with the gift certificate credit they can tap into one of our interactive 800+ guitar courses and learn new licks, tricks, techniques, styles, and much more for as long as they continue to play!

Each course comes with in-depth videos, tab, charts, jam tracks, power tab, and whatever else is needed to make that particular learning experience as efficient as possible. There’s something in our catalog for every type of guitar player, whether they’re into blues, jazz, acoustic, rock, metal, shred–you name it. Pick one up now!
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2. The Pick Punch

Guitar Fathers Day Gift 1Talented guitar players can be quite the eccentric lot and sometimes, they just want things done their own way, never mind that the average man on the street might deem it strange. Well, take guitarists for example some of them might want to have their very own picks to pluck strings with, so what better way to keep said eccentric guitarist happy than with the DIY Guitar Pick Punch?

You don’t have to buy guitar picks ever again when you can make your own. The Guitar Pick Punch lets you turn any piece of plastic into a pick. Used gift cards, plastic lids or pretty much anything can become a guitar pick.
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3. iRig 2

IK Multimedia’s iRig 2 is a compact interface that allows you to connect your guitar or bass to a an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and now select Android devices as well.

It’s the easiest, most affordable way to connect to your favorite practice and recording apps, like IK’s award-winning AmpliTube app, which lets you play through virtual models of some of the most popular guitar amplifiers and effects of all time.
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4. KLIQ UberTuner

Your Dad can spend more time playing and less time tuning with the KLIP UberTuner. The UberTuner’s advanced Micro Processor and highly sensitive Piezo Sensor will ensure your instrument is accurately tuned in a flash.

The large color display allows guitar players to easily see if you’re flat, sharp, or dead-on from any angle. With 3 points of adjustment, you can position the screen in any way you like. Simply turn it on, clip it on, and you’re ready to tune. Since the guitar tuner detects the pitches directly from the instrument’s vibrations, ambient room noise will never get in the way.
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5. Custom Guitar Hanger “Grips”

You could grab an awesome custom guitar wall hanger this year!

They put your father’s beautiful axes on display for everyone to drool over and keep it out of harm’s way at the same time. They are perfect for anyone who has bad taste in wall art, but a ton of guitars.
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6. G7th Performance Capo

Awarded gold medals for most innovative new product and best overall capo in the 2008 Players Choice Awards, the G7th Performance Capo is a revolutionary new mechanism that allows ultra-precise placement and clamping without pulling the strings of your instrument out of tune. It’s is easily squeezed into place with one hand, and released using the lever on the back. When not in use, it will store neatly on the end of your Dad’s guitar headstock.
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7. Ernie Ball Polylock Guitar Strap

Your Father can take a load off his shoulders with Ernie Ball’s Neoprene technology. The padding on the underside of this guitar strap offer flexibility and cushion that deliver unparalleled lasting comfort.

Fully adjustable length from 46″ – 54″ to fit most players and instruments. The patented Polylock end pieces render this strap a terrific option for vintage instrument owners who would rather not add modifications to their guitars.

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8. Fender Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool

The Fender Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool is the perfect tool for mobile guitar maintenance and should quickly become your Dad’s best friend. It combines 14 useful guitar tools in one handy chassis, including hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a tube spanner and a ruler. The easy-to-handle Fender Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool is designed to solve all your father’s guitar set-up troubles when he’s on the road or prepping for a gig.
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9. VOX Guitar Headphone Amp

With amPlug G2, the crucial analog circuit has been drastically improved, and each model provides three modes. AC30 provides use of a tremolo circuit, as well as nine selectable effects with three types of Chorus, Delay, and Reverb.

A foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees and an auto power-off function are additional features that contribute significantly to improved convenience and ease of use.

There is also an AUX input for jamming along with any audio player. amPlug G2 is the simplest way to get serious sound; occupying virtually no space, it’s an ideal choice for any guitarist or bassist.
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10. A Ukulele

Uke is hot. And why not? You can make a whole lot of music with those four strings. Yes indeed, uke is hot and whatever your Dad’s vibe, you can bring his songwriting dreams to life with a starter uke.

Even if your budget is somewhat limited, there are plenty of good cheap ukuele options to start out with, and you and your Dad will be singing beach jams all the way to the bank.
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Have some other great ideas for gifts for guitar players? What do you want this year? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments!

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