Creating this arrangement of George Harrison’s classic, “Here Comes the Sun” was actually an accident! I was trying to pick the song to present for this last episode in the Series, and I just couldn’t settle on anything. By chance, I listened to a recording that a friend posted on Facebook. It was Nina Simone’s version of Here Comes the Sun.

I was transfixed. I grew up knowing, and learning the song – Beatle-style, of course. It was on the ‘Abbey Road’ album (1969) along with Harrison’s
other masterpiece, ‘Something’. I’d also loved Richie Haven’s version but never really learned it. He was in an open tuning and in typical Richie style, was a strumming madman. Loved it!

Also loved the richness of the chords in the open tuning (my weakness!).

Nina’s version was different; more jazz and gospel influenced and of course, her voice takes you away. I spent a good long time learning her chord changes, and trying out different ways of arranging Verse, Chorus, interlude (Nina actually left out the awesome ‘interlude’ altogether!!), but I was feeling dragged down in some kind of dreamy, lethargic vortex. Very odd. I was actually losing my energy as I was working on it. At that point I had a good listen to Richie Havens play the song and that woke me out of my ‘Nina-induced trance state’. I realized while I could use her beautiful, jazz inspired chord substitutions, I could also find a ‘groove’ that was more energetic and felt right for me, as a solo guitarist/singer. This was a pivotal moment!

It was soon after that I found the chords for what would become the ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’. Then the arrangement felt complete. This whole process transpired over a 24 hour period. Of all the songs in the series, I think I’m most excited, musically, about this one. It was unexpected, not on my radar…and I love the direction that Nina Simone’s voice and arrangement pointed me. It feels fresh.

So I will leave you with this as my final offering in the series. All of these songs will become part of my Truefire Channel and I’ll be adding a detailed ‘breakdown’ video for each one. In addition, I’ll be pulling individual techniques out of these songs and exploring them more fully in their own right.

I’d LOVE to hear from you about things you’d like me to teach or present, whether in my Truefire Channel, or on Youtube. Are there other songs you think would be great for me to cover? Reach out for private lessons if you want to go deeper in your own exploration. I’d love that too.


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TAB and notation for this arrangement

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