This week’s song was written by Smith, James Napier, and William Phillips, with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne later receiving co-writer credits due to the song’s noted melodic similarity to Petty’s single “I Won’t Back Down”. Like ‘All along the Watchtower’, this is basically a 3 chord song. I found something so ‘haunting’ and beautiful about Sam’s voice and that led me to the unusual voicing of the first two chords. There’s a lot of space in Sam’s arrangement and that led beautifully to using body percussion to create a steady groove during the choruses.

A note about the body percussion and TAB: There are slight variations in how I play the body percussion throughout the choruses. I have taken the first time through and notated that pattern in the TAB for the sake of simplicity. Once you master that pattern, feel free to take the liberty to change it up a bit on the 2nd Chorus and into the key change! For additional percussion ideas, here’s a video I did a while back with breakdowns of a few different body percussion patterns
for this song.


Download the TAB here.

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