“Landslide” is a song written by Stevie Nicks and performed by Fleetwood Mac. It was first featured on the band’s self-titled 1975 album, Fleetwood Mac. If you’re younger than me, you might only know the Dixie Chicks’ version which came out in 2002. I learned it in 1978 in the stairwell of my college dorm at Ithaca College in upstate NY from dorm-mate, Kati Mac (who later went on to sing with Meatloaf!). It was years before I realized it was a Stevie Nicks song.

My own arrangement has primarily been a ‘folk’ version. First in Standard tuning, then in Open D, where I could bring in some real nice chord voicings. For this series, I wanted to take it to a new place, especially since I’d been playing it for SO MANY years!
To me, it’s a Classic…so simple, yet full of meaning lyrically. It was meaningful to me as a 19 year old, and it’s meaning has grown over these years in between then and now.
Oddly, taking it into a ‘reggae-ish’ feel has given it a lighter feel, and I like that. Also, the new ‘feel’ inspires me to sing in new ways. Ah….this is fun stuff!

The tuning is beautiful, E B D G A D. The chords are pretty simple too, though you’ll need to have some left hand ‘stretch’ in the bridge. Work on getting a relaxed feel with the strum pattern in the Verses. You may realize there are some 16th notes that are left out of the TAB, they’re played really softly and just add to the groove factor. Play around with that!
It’s subtle, but powerful.

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