Sting wrote Fragile during a tropical storm on the island of Montserrat (part of the Lesser Antilles chain), but it has become the voice
of many different causes, most notably, on Sept.11, 2001 as part of Sting’s live album/concert film, ‘All This Time’. Planned before the attacks
on the World Trade Center, it was recorded at Sting’s Villa II Palagio in Italy and seemed to capture the raw emotion of the catastrophic events of the day.
For me, this song is hauntingly beautiful and I tried to hold on to that feeling throughout this arrangement. The tuning: C G Eb F Bb D.
I have the capo on the 4th fret and that puts the song in the key of E minor.

I’ve included a recording that I made of Fragile for my CD, ‘Uncovered’, which came out in 2008. It features me on steel string guitar
and my dear friend, Susan Weinart on nylon string guitar and synth-guitar. Her work is stunning on this and I love what she brought to
the recording. Sadly, Susan passed away March 2, 2020. (https://site.susanweinert.com/)

I’m going to take a 3 week hiatus for the remaining 4 songs in this Mini-Series. I’ve been asked to be part of a very exciting online teaching event called
Guitar Cloud Symposium, spearheaded by Iconic guitarist, Jennifer Batten. It takes place (virtually) Aug.7-10, 2020 and I’m going into
pretty massive ‘prep’ mode to get ready for my teaching modules! In addition to Jennifer, I’ll be joined by Nili Brosh (https://www.nilibrosh.com/) and Gretchen Menn
(http://gretchenmenn.com/). Between the 4 of us, there’s something for every level and genre of guitarist plus time for Q&As, time for hanging out and some amazing
Find out more about it at www.guitarcloudsymposium.com

See you soon!


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