This arrangement of Let it Be is influenced primarily by the diatonic chords I found in the tuning, E B D G A D. Sometimes, a tuning will really dictate a vibe, feel, mood, etc. Once I heard these chords, up so high on the neck and with the cool drones of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings, I felt the song had to be super slow…

Who knows? Anyway, that’s what lead me here. I tried to add ingredients (tools, techniques) that would help to build it up and then bring it back down. As I seem to like to do, the ending gave me a chance to play around with more harmonics and some fun ‘licks’. It feels empowering to actually learn a lick or riff in an open tuning! It twists your brain around if you’re used to standard tuning….luckily, I’m not! I hope you have fun with this and with the concepts I used.

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