I’ve been playing Big Yellow Taxi for TOO many years! So, I’ve done a re-make of my own cover version. The song is really simple and therefore, open to so many interpretations. Joni recorded her first version in 1970. The Counting Crows did theirs in 2002. For this arrangement I drew the intro from the Counting Crows. I thought it was really cool, and a completely new ‘element’ that I hadn’t thought of.

While I didn’t think of it ahead of time, I really like the sound of the guitar w/ the capo in the 3rd fret. There’s an almost mandolin-ish sound. I encourage you to play around with using the capo just for that reason.

As I tend to do, I stretch out on the ending, or outro, adding a ii minor chord in place of the IV chord, vamping on the ii-V progression and then repeating the chords for the ‘bop, bop, bop’ section ad nauseam, ’cause I like them so much!

Hope you enjoy this one!

Next week is the final episode of the series!!

Until then….you know what to do!!

– Vicki

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