Looking to have broader range and more interesting rhythm guitar vocabulary? Check out these lessons from Shane Theriot’s 30 Mojo Rhythms You MUST Know. Shane shares how to have command of a wide range of chord voicings and rhythmic variations, which is arguably even more vital than being a great soloist. Having a wide variety of fresh and interesting rhythm parts to draw on for any musical situation one might encounter is key and Shane shows you how to get there.

Plus, there’s more rhythms where these came from as well in the full course. Get your Mojo working!

Mojo Rhythm #1: Slinky Dink

Download the tab & notation for this mojo rhythm.

“Slinky Dink” uses a mix of slides and a funky double stop bend to mix things up a bit. It can be deceivingly tricky to pull-off and make it groove, so it may take a little practice to get it going but once you do it’s a fun one!

Mojo Rhythm #3: Nawlins

Download the tab & notation for this mojo rhythm.

Here’s a modern twist on a second line pattern played over a New Orleans type rhythm. We’ll use some slides and incorporate double stops as well as a mini bass part that answers the rhythm part.

Mojo Rhythm #5: Bendy

Download the tab & notation for this mojo rhythm.

Sometimes bending strings can make something really funky. Here I’ll demonstrate how bending a half step along with an open string can create just the right amount of tension for a funky groove.

Mojo Rhythm #19: Jaco Crashes the Rhumba

Download the tab & notation for this mojo rhythm.

The late great Jaco Pastorius was such an influence on so many people; his bass lines were sometimes sophisticated but always ultra funky and hooky. Here’s a trademark Jaco bass line that I’ve altered to fit over our previously used rhumba track. This is really nice in unison with a bass or in addition to a bass part like I played on the jam track.

Mojo Rhythm #24: Boogaloo Do

Download the tab & notation for this mojo rhythm.

This groove is sometimes known as a “boogaloo” groove. By using a couple of triads and a little grit in the tone, you’ll hear how this part locks in everything together.

All of the rhythms are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. Plus, Shane generously includes all of the rhythm tracks for you to work with on your own. Want more Mojo? There’s 30 original rhythm parts in the full course to give you a versatile collection of funk, rock, R&B, gospel and soul grooves to work into your rhythm vocabulary.

Dig these mojo rhythms? Download Shane Theriot’s 30 Mojo Rhythms You MUST Know for much more including tab, notation, and jam tracks!