‘Tis the season for gift giving, and we want to help you find the best gifts for guitarists. It can be difficult to find a good gift for a guitar player, especially if you don’t play guitar, so this holiday season we are offering up a number of great guitar gifts during our 12 Days of December promotion. We have introduced TrueFire Gift Certificates, which are the perfect gifts for any guitarist; we’ve got Holiday Bundles, which featured sets of our best guitar courses along with a TrueFire backpack and some nice bonuses; and we also have a Gift Zone featuring our other great guitar gifts such as a TrueFire t-shirts, TrueFire Thermoses and Top Guitar Licks USB Cards.

In addition to all our products, there are tons of other great gifts for guitarists out there. We also realize that gifting can get expensive, so we wanted to help you find some great guitar gifts under $25. Without further ado, here’s our list of 7 great guitar products to buy on the cheap for that special someone. On behalf of the whole TrueFire team, we wish you a great holiday season, a happy New Year, and good luck gifting!

1. The Pick Punch ($24.95)
Pick PunchLooking a lot like a stapler, the Pick Punch works like a paper hole-punch, only it is strong enough to cut through plastic and deposits 351-style guitar-picks instead of those annoying paper dots. This tool lets you use all the plastic crap laying around for purposes of good, instead of for landfilling evil. Don’t want to spend the dough? Learn how to make your own guitar picks with our instructional video.
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2. Guitar Wall Hangers ($10-$15)
hangerYou could just watch our video on how to make your own guitar wall hanger for just $5, but if you don’t have the time or the tools you can pick one of these up for a few bucks. They put your beautiful axes on display for everyone to drool over and keep it out of harms way at the same time. They are only about $10-$15 and are perfect for anyone who has bad taste in wall art, but a ton of guitars.
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3. Mini Amp ($19.95)
Mini AmpMore novelty than career-altering piece of equipment, mini amps are fun and yes, functional. They look pretty cool, and they’re the perfect stocking stuffer for a guitar player. We hear that these Danelectro Mini Amps actually sound pretty decent and they come with a number of different settings, too. Did we mention they’re only 20 bucks?
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4. Groove Tech Guitar/Bass 10-in-1 Multi-Tool ($19.99)
cruzWhether you have a USA-made or imported axe, the Groove Tech 10-in-1 Multi Tool has you covered for most bridge, truss rod, and other adjustments needed on a guitar or bass. The tool includes 4 metric and 3 fractional hex keys, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, a 2.5mm slotted screwdriver, and a ruler for setting action. Truss rod sizes are ball-end for easy access. All keys are pro-grade, using heat-treated S2 material with a polished chrome finish.
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5. Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner (~$15)
tunerIntelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner with back light is designed to tune guitars without interference from ambient room noise, all without the use of wires, microphones or pickups. Tuning in noisy environments is easy because the unique, flexible clamp actually uses the instrument’s vibrational energy instead of relying on sound. And, the swivel allows a perfect view of the back lit display.
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6. Pick Stick ($24.95)
Pick StickShout “where is my #&%*(# pick!?” no more. Great for studios, bedrooms, on stage or anywhere else, the Pick Stick helps you keep your guitar picks organized and easy to get to. It will hold almost any type of pick from thin to thick to flat and more. The Pick Stick holds up to 30 picks and looks pretty good too.
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7. Kyser Quick Change Guitar Capo (~$15)
capoThe music world’s most popular quick-change capo, Kyser’s Quick-Change Capo is made of strong, lightweight aluminum. The spring-tensioned Quick-Change clamps firmly to hold intonation, but is quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning. You can operate your Quick-Change comfortably with one hand. You’ll find it doesn’t interfere with fingering and the pads won’t mar or react with guitar finishes.
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Have some awesome holiday gift ideas for guitarists of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments!