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Bebop Guitar Lessons

Bebop Etude #1: Petite Tournesol – Overview

Let’s get modal in this bebop guitar lesson with my take on the chord progression to the Freddie Hubbard classic, “Little Sunflower” — now named “Petite Tournesol.” This bebop etudes is always a favorite at jam sessions of all levels.

Bebop Etude #1: Petite Tournesol – Performance

This bebop etude employs diatonic triads, but in an uncommon way; breaking up the shapes and rhythms to create “hills and valleys” in the melodic line.

Bebop Etude #1: Petite Tournesol – Breakdown

The secret to playing interesting solos on a modal progression is to imply harmony by using the diatonic triads of the key. There are lots of creative ways to develop melodies on these essential shapes, using them to create a more “horn-like” line. Also, in the second half of this bebop etude, check out the “major triad” pairs to get into some extended harmony as well as the use of the “major triad hexatonic.”

Download the tab & jam track for this bebop guitar lesson.

Bebop Etude #2: Reflections One – Overview

This classic Dorian chord progression is a staple for jazzers of all levels and styles. It’s inspired at least two famous compositions: Miles Davis’ “So What” and later John Coltrane’s “Impressions.”

Bebop Etude #2: Reflections One – Performance

In this bebop guitar lesson, I’ve borrowed ideas from the famous George Benson solo on “So What” from “Beyond the Blue Horizon” by creating a quick V7 – I cadence and using the tri-tone sub triad pair.

Bebop Etude #2: Reflections One – Breakdown

The biggest question on playing a long modal tune is how to get away from just playing the diatonic scales. This bebop etude employs implying a “quick V” cadence to give an ‘in and out” sound to your line. I’m making use of a dim7 arpeggio over the V7 chord and the tri-tone sub to create “outside” tensions—always careful to resolve!

Download the tab & jam track for this bebop guitar lesson.

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