How to play the Most Used Strumming Pattern EVER!

In this lesson, we look at the most common strumming pattern ever! Because it can be challenging for some, there are a few steps I recommend to get you there. But if you fancy a go, scroll down to see the strumming pattern and have a go!

Step 1- Get use to up strums on the beat
If you’ve never done up strums before, begin by playing up strums on the beat, which can be written like this. This allows you to get the ups sounding good first!

Step 2- A similar down and up strumming pattern
This strumming is uses 8ths (as the bar is divided into 8) to the count of 1, 2 & 3 & 4. This is also very common, but is easier and doesn’t sound as cool as in Step 3. Crucially, your hand MUST keep moving down and up at an even speed for this to be correct and to progress.

This strumming pattern work great for any medium or faster tempo song, especially with open chords. Songs such as ‘Brown eyed girl’ and ‘I’m A Believer’ use this pattern to great effect. The trick again is to keep your hand moving at all times. Any pauses, and it will likely fall apart. Try it faster and slower to really get a feel for it!

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