YouTube is an excellent platform to learn and improve your guitar skills, and many guitar instructors have YouTube channels to teach, entertain, and spread their knowledge. You’ll find a broad range of instructional guitar videos and guitar channels on YouTube to get you started. The thriving guitar community has many experienced YouTube guitar instructors sharing their wisdom and techniques through free video guitar lessons.

However, it can be challenging to figure out where to start with many options available. Some instructors have great content, but some fall short by not properly developing their content or poor presentation. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or more advanced guitarist, there’s a lot you can find on YouTube, but if you’re looking for more refined guitar lesson content to help guide you through the learning process, you’re much better off at a site like TrueFire, JamPlay, or ArtistWorks.

For the purposes of this list, we’re leaving out our own TrueFire Studios channels (if you’re not already subscribed, you can do so here: TrueFire, JamPlay, ArtistWorks), and we highly recommend the following guitar channels on YouTube to supplement your learning.

The Best Guitar Channels on YouTube

1. FiveWattWorld

FiveWattWorld is a guitar channel on YouTube by Keith Williams, and it’s all about how to get “the most music from the least gear.” Each video is a mini-documentary with enough information about guitar gear and guitarists packed in to keep you inspired for months.

We highly recommend you subscribe to this channel to learn more about the history of guitar, guitar gear, and much more. Here’s an example lesson: The Guitars of Jimmy Page: A Short History

2. Swift Lessons

Swift Lessons is a great source for world-class guitar lessons on YouTube. Professional guitarist Rob Swift is an expert at making ambitious goals fun, easy and obtainable. Learn a wide variety of essential techniques and classic songs with HD quality videos.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, Swift Lessons is creating top-quality resources to take your playing to the next level. Here’s a great sample guitar lesson: Guitar String Muting Techniques

3. Rick Beato

Rick Beato is an American YouTube personality, musician, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and educator. Beato’s YouTube videos about music regularly get over one million views. Since the early 1980s, he has worked variously as a musician, songwriter, audio engineer, and record producer, and has lectured on music at several universities.

Rick covers a variety of topics for all things guitar-related. Here’s a great sample video from this guitar channel on YouTube: The Tommy Emmanuel Interview

4. Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce is an extraordinary guitar legend and with good reason. He features in multiple albums by artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Crowded House, and Roger Waters.

Tim hilariously shares his knowledge and experiences to teach you the tips and techniques you need to up your game.

If you’re curious about the life of a pro guitarist, Tim shares every aspect of the high life. Check out some of his best work: Getting ALL The Famous BURST Tones

5. Stich Method

Are you a frustrated guitar player? Been playing guitar for years but are having a hard time understanding guitar scales or even guitar chords? Or when to use them for guitar improvisation? How is your music theory? Do you yearn to understand how modes work? Want to learn all the best guitar tips and tricks in a truly understandable manner, and better yet play guitar with confidence? Well, StitchMethod with Ian Stich is a great guitar channel on YouTube to start with.

Here’s a great sample lesson from one of the best guitar channels on YouTube: “Cliffs of Dover” – Demystifying the Iconic Eric Johnson Guitar Melody

6. Axe of Creation

The Axe of Creation guitar YouTube channel is an always-evolving series of guitar lessons dedicated to improving your songwriting, riff writing, and overall compositions. Focusing on the progressive/metal/hard rock genre, Bradley will help you incorporate sophisticated musical concepts such as odd time, changing meter, rhythmic manipulation, modulation, interval & scale use, and extended harmonies.

For a taste of what this guitar channel on YouTube is all about, check out this lesson: 6 Must Know Triad Riffs

7. Corey Congilio

For over 20 years, Corey Congilio has immersed himself in a rich and diverse musical career. His experience as a touring guitarist, session musician, educator, and presenter has proved valuable in connecting with audiences around the world.

As a guitarist versed in all contemporary styles, Corey has supported artists of all genres from blues, rock, country, R&B, and jazz. He’s performed with David Lee Murphy, Lucie Silvas, Radney Foster, Cassadee Pope, Derek St. Holmes, Danielle Bradberry and others.

Since 2010 Corey has authored over 15 instructional guitar courses and has partnered with websites such as TrueFire. Here’s a great video guitar lesson from Corey’s YouTube channel: This may be my MOST IMPORTANT guitar soloing lesson!

8. Jeff McErlain

Jeff McErlain is one of the rare musicians who can teach as well as he plays. This is borne out by Jeff being one of the most in-demand guitar instructors as well as performing and recording with Robben Ford.

Jeff’s unique curriculum and method of teaching are perfect for the player who has been working at the guitar for a while but wants to go to the next level. Jeff has a straightforward and easy rapport with his students, he breaks things down so they can be easily understood, applied, and most importantly, fun.

Here’s a super cool guitar lesson from Jeff’s YouTube channel: Jimmy Page’s Awesome Minor Blues

9. Eric Haugen

Eric Haugen is an accomplished guitarist and guitar instructor specializing in composition, subtlety, and tone. His published lessons and tablature include traditional guitar heroes as well as the more obscure players that serve as his strongest influences. Eric’s YouTube channel provides a wide array of music lessons for free and is updated weekly. He also offers individual guitar instruction virtually.

Eric also recently released a TrueFire course, Guitar Zen: CAGED, so be sure to check that out, too! Here’s a great sample video guitar lesson from Eric Haugen’s YouTube channel: CAGED Grooves and More!

10. Michael Palmisano

Award-winning GIT Grad, Founder of PRS Sponsored, 100k+ students worldwide. Michael Palmisano has been playing guitar since he was 5, and gigging and teaching professionally for the last 15+ years. Michael genuinely loves to teach, and his goal is to help people learn the “why” behind the notes, bridge the gap between rhythm and lead guitar, and ultimately use these tools to improvise and get the stuff in your head out!

Here’s a sample video lesson from Michael Palmisano’s guitar YouTube channel: Guitar Teacher Reacts: Tommy Emmanuel’s Classical Gas

11. Justin Sandercoe

Justin Sandercoe (Justin Guitar) is an excellent guitar instructor for beginners. His lessons cover most bases, including guitar techniques, scales, and basic chords. You’ll learn everything from scratch, and the classes are fun and engaging.

Justin has excellent skills in elaborating and simplifying complex topics. Most songs have simplified chords progressions to help you learn quickly.

Justin also has a website that has more comprehensive content. Check out one of his lessons: Down Under by Men at Work | Guitar Lesson

12. Paul Davids

Paul Davids is one of the most inspirational online guitar instructors. He studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Music at the Rotterdam Conservatory, and therefore his main focus is teaching music.

Davids’ channel has music theory and application lessons, fingerstyle, blues, rock, and jazz. He elaborates well on creative ways to practice the knowledge.

You’ll learn how to differentiate instruments and famous riffs using electric and acoustic guitars. Take a look at this lesson: The LEGENDARY picking pattern – ‘Travis Picking’

13. Sophie Burrell

Sophie Burrell is a 22-year-old professional guitarist, musician, songwriter & teacher from the U.K. She’s been playing guitar since she was 9. After studying music all the way through school & college and graduating in 2017, Sophie is now working on her music as a full-time career. She recently released my first single “Tranquility” as a solo artist, you can check that out on her channel!

On this guitar YouTube channel, you’ll find a wide array of different videos including originals, covers, gear unboxings, reviews, demos, and more. Here’s a great sample video from her channel: Top 3 Pink Floyd Solos

14. Sophie Lloyd

On this guitar YouTube channel, you will find a variety of content like originals, shreds, covers, and more.

Sophie Lloyd has been playing guitar since she was 9 years old, and she graduated from university in 2018 completing a BMus Popular Music Performance course and managed to get a First Class Honours degree. During that time, she released her first EP – Delusions, toured the UK playing live music, and continued to provide monthly videos of shred covers and original music.

Sophie is a super talented guitarist and a great presenter on YouTube. Give her channel a look with this video: Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (SHRED VERSION)

15. Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar offers simple beginner lessons. He starts from the basics to help you understand and follow, whether the electric or acoustic guitar.

If you’re learning the ropes, you’ll love the 10-day starter course on his channel. You can use these lessons to learn how to play your first riffs and chords. You can learn how to play simple songs and transition into intermediate classes as you advance.

Here’s a great example: Play 5 Johnny Cash songs with 3 EASY chords

16. Ben Eller Guitar

If you’re looking to challenge your guitar skills, Ben Eller is the perfect instructor for you. He literally tells you the reasons why you suck at guitar through a series of videos. You’re able to identify your mistakes and discover ways to work on them.

He also shares ways to improve on the bad habits you may or may not be aware of. Ben also has a weekly series on guitar lessons called “Weekend Workshop.”

Here’s a sample video from Ben Eller’s guitar YouTube channel: The 3 Note Per String ANNIHILATOR! SHRED THIS!

17. 5 Minute Guitar

Kurt Berg is an excellent choice for aspiring acoustic guitar players. His primary focus is acoustic music, teaching you to play like a pro.

Kurt’s lessons on his channel are simple to accommodate beginners and intermediate players. He shares terrific tutorials in an easy-to-follow style to help you enhance your skills.

You can learn a lot from videos like this: Lost Stars Guitar Tutorial – Adam Levine (EASY CHORDS guitar lesson)

18. Rick Graham

Rick Graham is most famous for his elaborate how-to videos. He’s the perfect illustration of how much you can achieve when you set your mind to consistency.

Rick’s channel focuses more on riffs. He breaks down complex riffs into small, simple pieces that you can easily understand. You’ll learn at your own pace as you get the hang of the technical side of riffs.

Rick emphasizes using the correct technique so that your skills have the proper foundation. Check out this lesson: Shred Training with Rick Graham | Ep1. Killer Arpeggios

19. Troy Grady

Troy Grady is a perfect choice if your goal is to enhance your guitar picking skills. In this channel, you’ll find animation demos, advanced video analysis, and elaborate examples in slow-motion.

Troy shares a deep perspective on guitar picking techniques. He also has interviews with various guitar legends and researchers.

This channel will be an asset if you’re experiencing economy picking, alternate picking, or sweep picking challenges. Here’s one of the best YouTube guitar lessons: Four Essential Motion Mechanics for Picking

20. Guitar Goddess

The Guitar Goddess is an exceptional guitar instructor. She shares guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate players, covering various topics. Her song covers are fun to watch, and the relaxed style makes it easy to follow the lessons like in this video: Cardigan – Taylor Swift | Guitar Tutorial

Guitar Goddess will guide you on the basic chords and scales if you’re starting. You’ll also learn tips on staying motivated and how to create your songs.

21. The Art of Guitar

Mike G. is the mastermind behind The Art of Guitar. The lessons cover music theory, techniques, and instruments, giving you a variety of fresh, informative content.

Mike has excellent skills in the essential aspects of learning the guitar. You’ll learn some awesome licks you can use and how music works.

His channel is the perfect place to learn new elements and improve your skills, like this video on The First Guitar Lesson.

22. Robert Baker

Robert Baker is an exceptional guitar instructor with very interactive lessons. He cultivates a friendly atmosphere for his students as he teaches music styles and techniques, in addition to gear reviews and tips.

Robert’s lessons are comprehensive, covering all bases from basic riffs to straight-up shredding. He also hosts live jam sessions every week, where you get a chance to ask questions about your style and skills.

You have much to learn from his channel, such as this video: How To Shred For Beginners.

23. Your Guitar Sage

Your Guitar Sage is a great guitar instructor. His dedicated YouTube channel focuses on guitar lessons for all experience levels.

You’ll find videos on various guitar topics, including theory on how to play by ear, scale theory, and how to create chords. He also shares tips based on experience with the guitar, playing different styles, including rock and blues.

Check out this lesson: Have Difficulty with Bar Chords? Try these tips!

24. Kfir Ochaion

Kfir Ochaion is most famous for his incredible videos on social media. He has a different approach to teaching guitar on his YouTube channel.

Instead of ordinary lessons, Kfir uses existing music to experiment. He improvises and changes the genre while recording song covers.

If you have advanced skills or are more experienced, you can use this channel for inspiration. It will assist you in creating your unique tunes. Here’s one piece of art: How to Play – Animals by Maroon 5 on Electric Guitar

25. Marty Swartz

Marty Schwartz is perhaps the most popular YouTube guitar instructor. His fun and relaxed style make all his lessons pleasant, in addition to the fantastic material available on his channel.

Marty touches on most music styles, teaching songs and guitar lessons regularly. He uses the electric and acoustic guitar and has enough content to guide beginners and intermediate players. You’ll find lessons that cover music theory, basic scales, and chords.

Here’s a sample lesson from Marty’s YouTube channel: Here’s the Ripple by The Grateful Dead

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