Let’s take a look at the scales Billy Gibbons uses primarily. It is basically one scale and that is the blues scale. More specifically mixing the major and minor blues scales.

This is a common thing that we here in all blues and the rock guitarist. Really draws a wide range of influences going back to the Delta blues to BB King, buddy Guy, Albert King, Albert Collins, the usual suspects.

He also speaks of his great fortune of having toured with Jimi Hendrix on his first US tour and how he and Jimi would spend time creating licks. He is also good friends with Jeff Beck who was actually the person who provided him with this first set of Marshall amplifiers as at that time they were not easy to get in the United States.

Like all guitar players, Billy’s tone is in his hands. When people say that we often think it is just the left hand; but the right-hand has as much to do with it as the left does.

About Jeff McErlain’s Play Like: Billy Gibbons
The point of this course is to not teach you note for note solos from the man, that is easily available. What has not been easy to find is a breakdown of his style. We will dig into the techniques, tones, and ideas that define The Rev’s guitar playing. I have organized the course into three sections, in the first section we’ll examine his tone, gear and go-to scales and fingerings. In the second section we’ll work through 35 of Billy’s lead and rhythm techniques that you can use. In the third and final section we’ll work through four complete solos in Billy’s style using the techniques and licks we looked at in the earlier sections. So let’s put on those cheap sunglasses and dig in!

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