Brent Mason is one of the most recorded guitarists in history. He is a Grammy Award winner, a 14-time winner of the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Guitarist of the Year Award, and a 2-time winner of the CMA Award Musician of the Year. He has been named as one of the top ten session guitarists worldwide, joining the ranks of Jimmy Page, Larry Carlton, Tommy Tedesco, and Steve Cropper. In October 2019, he was inducted into the Musician’s Hall of Fame, and in July 2020 will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Brent has played on well over a thousand albums and continues to add to this extensive resume.

So, who better to teach you Nashville-style guitar?! Learn Brent Mason’s signature fingerpicking and chicken pickin’ techniques (worth the price of admission alone!), a variety of rhythm approaches, soloing techniques, and a versatile and tasty vocabulary of Brent’s favorite licks and motifs to build solos around.

In the following guitar lessons, Brent Mason will teach you country shuffles, train beat techniques, country R&B grooves, modern country techniques, Eagles-style country approaches, how to dial in your tone, valuable practicing tips, and more — enough to keep you busy in the shed for a lifetime!

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Grab your guitar, and let’s head to Nashville with Brent Mason!

Brent Mason Guitar Lessons

Brent Mason Style Fingerpicking

Brent Mason breaks down his unique fingerpicking technique, teaches a few exercises you can do to get your fingers in shape, and talks about his fingernails. If you’re not an experienced fingerpicker, make sure you learn and practice the exercises in this guitar lesson before moving on to his later lessons!

Being a Session Player

Brent Mason discusses how he got started as a session player and how the job has changed over the years. He also offers some tips and advice for those interested in becoming session players.

Country Shuffle Solo #1

Brent Mason heads back to the country shuffle track used earlier in the series and presents the first of 5 complete solos written exclusively for JamPlay! Mason demonstrates the whole solo and explains the 3 key licks that encapsulate the feel of the piece. Get those licks down, and then tackle the whole solo!

Country Shuffle Solo #2

Country Shuffle Solo #3

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