TrueFire Educator Jeff McErlain has just launched his first installment of his new weekly video blog called Jeff McErlain’s Brooklyn Blues. Each week Jeff will share a free video guitar lesson, a lick, a concept, a tone tip, and more. You can check Jeff out at or see his courses here at TrueFire.

About the Guitar Lesson

This week in Brooklyn Blues we’ll take a look at a classic sliding double stop using an Am pentatonic scale. I’ll throw in some hybrid picking as well to spice it up a bit.

I first heard this lick from Billy Gibbons on the ZZ Top classic La Grange and a number of Cream tunes including Clapton’s earth shattering solo on Crossroads. This one is fairly simple, but hugely effective and never seems to get old!

We are basically going straight up and down an Am pentatonic scale and taking advantage a very cool double stop between the 5th and b7th. These two notes are the 5th (E) and b7 (G) of the scale, not only do they work perfectly on an A7 but an Am7 chord as well. I also love that I have heard Wes Montgomery play the same lick, so it can easily cross genres. This one is pretty straight forward, just take your time and watch the video!