In this lesson we learn two Freddie Green style three note grips for minor 7th chords. Using these grips we locate the i7, iv7 and v7 chords in the key of A minor in two positions on the neck and use them to play changes similar to Bill Wither’s Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone in both a slow rock and funky groove.

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About This Guitar Lesson Series

Comping the Blues With 3 Note Freddie Green Grips: A Complete, Complementary & Creative Approach to Comping Any Kind of Blues

Longtime Count Basie Band guitarist Freddie Green is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated and tasteful rhythm players of all time. His approach was selfless, playing only as much as necessary to enhance the band’s performance and keep the audience on the dance floor. In this series you’ll learn 3 finger grips pioneered by Green then apply them to a variety of different blues progressions. You’ll be shown two grips for each chord type; dominant 7th, minor 7th and major 6th.

These chord are easy to get under your fingers and are tight, chunky and versatile. You can use them as a solo guitar player to provide tight accompaniment to your singing. In a jam or band setting when there are multiple guitars, they will give you options and opportunities to avoid playing the same grips in the same area of the fretboard that others are playing.

by Scott Perry, teacher and founder of