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I, like many guitars players had their playing turned upside down after first hearing Eric Johnson. One of the things that I learned from him is hybrid picking and the use of some not so usual double stops. The next guy who bowled me over is another Austin guitar player David Grissom. Both of these guys have a lot in common besides their hometown. They both are great hybrid pickers and they utilize that technique to grab some cool double stop licks like the one in this lesson.

Both Johnson and Grissom always sound huge when they are playing, this isn’t only because they both like to play LOUD. It is due in part to big sounding voicings the often choose, and the use of pedal points. A pedal point is a sustained or repeated note played against notes moving above. Greasy Fingers is a cool way to get into some of those big rock guitar sounds that I love so much.

Many years ago I had the great opportunity to jam with David Grissom, I didn’t know who he was at the time. He plugged in and started playing, within 5 seconds I knew he was a bad ass. He sounded huge, his tone was amazing, all vibe and authority. Scary, it actually changed the way I viewed the instrument. There he was plugging straight into a stage amp, cranked it and sounded amazing. That was huge, tone is in the hands.

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