Tone, Melody & Truth dives deep into Eric Johnson’s artistic DNA, revealing the genius behind his signature tone and guitar techniques.

AUSTIN, TX | August 16, 2023 — Grammy Award-winning guitarist and recording artist Eric Johnson announces the release of his first-ever interactive video masterclass, Tone, Melody & Truth. Produced by TrueFire Studios and filmed in Johnson’s Austin studio, Tone, Melody & Truth dives deep into Eric’s artistic DNA revealing the core technical and creative processes that fuel his signature sound and virtuosic musicality. 

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”We’ll explore how I shape my tone, dive deep into improvisation, and dig in on some of my favorite technical and creative approaches, including my hybrid picking technique,” says Johnson. 

“Using 10 original tracks, I produced specifically for this project, I demonstrate how I craft melodies and solos using arpeggios and intervallic playing. I also share many of my favorite chord voicings and rhythm guitar approaches.”

Leveraging TrueFire’s proprietary technologies, Tone, Melody & Truth immerses guitarists in a hands-on, contextual learning experience. Learning tools include auto-scrolling tablature and notation, synced to video with looping and slow-motion controls. Multi-angle video views, fretboard animations, and dozens of other tools allow students to learn at their own pace and personalize their learning experience.

“Eric’s virtuosic technique and undeniable command of tone and melody fuel the language of his music. But it’s his ability to embed authenticity and emotional truth in his music that sets him apart and distinguishes his contributions to our musical heritage,” says Brad Wendkos, TrueFire’s founder.

To complement the masterclass, Johnson’s Tone, Melody & Truth edition of TrueFire’s ‘In The Jam’ app features full-length versions of all 10 tracks, including individual rhythm section tracks and video tracks of Johnson playing both rhythm and lead guitar parts. Using the player’s mixer console, musicians can mix, mute, or solo any of the video or instrument audio tracks and play along with Johnson on all 10 tracks.

Eric Johnson’s Tone, Melody & Truth, and its companion In The Jam are available for download to any desktop or mobile device (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android). Streaming versions are also available for any browser and on Apple TV and Roku.

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Eric Johnson has been traveling on a prolific odyssey over the course of more than four decades. Along the way, his creations have encompassed repertoire that cross-pollinates genres which include rock, blues, jazz, fusion, soul, folk, new-age, classical, and even country. 

Inevitably E.J. says it best himself in sharing. “It boils down to the music and the song at the end of the day,” he explains. “If it doesn’t have that, it gets boring for me. The most important thing for me is to grow musically and make a more expansive and meaningful artistic statement with every new project.” 

Among Eric Johnson‘s many accolades are a Grammy award for Cliffs Of Dover, lifetime induction into the Guitar Player Gallery of Greats, and his listing among the “100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century” by Musician. In his hometown of Austin, TX, a city full of guitarists, the readers of the Austin Chronicle have voted Johnson the city’s “Best Electric Guitarist” and “Best Acoustic Guitarist” in their yearly poll year after year. They also named him “Electric Guitarist of the Decade” and one of the top five “Musicians of the Decade.”

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