Embarking on a musical journey with Eric Haugen‘s unique “Mountain of Understanding” offers guitar enthusiasts a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Through his Guitar Zen series of TrueFire guitar courses, Eric aims to provide a pathway that’s as thorough, encouraging, and musical as possible. Let’s delve into each course he recommends on this guided path.

1. Guitar Zen: CAGED – The Blueprint of Understanding

At the foundation of Haugen’s mountain lies “Guitar Zen: CAGED.” This course serves as the cornerstone for all subsequent learning. Eric breaks down the CAGED system, a method that helps players understand fretboard navigation, chord shapes, and scale patterns. By mastering this blueprint, students gain the insights needed to see the guitar neck in a new, more interconnected way.

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2. Guitar Zen: Next Level Rhythm – The Beat Goes On

As the latest addition to his series, “Guitar Zen: Next Level Rhythm” is set to release on March 26th. This course is designed to build upon the foundational rhythm skills acquired in previous lessons, introducing more complex strumming patterns, time signatures, and groove techniques. Eric’s approach ensures that students not only play in time but also feel the rhythm in their bones, elevating their playing from mere execution to expressive musicality.

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3. Guitar Zen: Playing The Changes – Surfing Chord Progressions

In “Guitar Zen: Playing The Changes,” Eric offers a serene approach to navigating chord progressions. This course is about understanding the relationship between chords and how to melodically transition between them. It’s tailored for those looking to smoothly “surf” across chord changes, providing a chill yet effective method to enhance one’s improvisational skills and musical expression.

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4. Guitar Zen: Pentatonic Doublestops – The Hendrix-y Side of Rhythm

Diving into the “Hendrix-y” side of guitar playing, “Guitar Zen: Pentatonic Doublestops” focuses on the dynamic and soulful aspects of rhythm guitar. Eric explores the use of pentatonic scales and doublestops, techniques heavily influenced by the legendary Jimi Hendrix. This course is perfect for players looking to add a more vibrant, rhythmic texture to their playing, blending melody and rhythm in a single cohesive approach.

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5. Guitar Zen: Improv Strategies – Unleashing Creativity

Lastly, “Guitar Zen: Improv Strategies” offers a treasure trove of ideas to enhance improvisational skills. Eric shares his favorite “tricks” and strategies, such as rhythm and repetition, call and response, and moving motifs. This course is designed to help players break out of the box, encouraging them to explore simple ideas that can lead to soulful and emotionally resonant improvisation.

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Eric Haugen’s “Mountain of Understanding” is not just a series of guitar lessons; it’s a comprehensive path designed to elevate your playing to new heights. Whether you’re a beginner looking to lay a solid foundation or an advanced player aiming to refine your skills, Eric’s courses offer valuable insights and techniques that will enrich your musical journey. Start with any course that resonates with you, and embrace the adventure of becoming a more expressive and skilled guitarist.

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