by Frank Vignola

This classic jazz standard is a great tune with a very singable melody. Try to internalize the meoldy by playing the chords and singing the melody. Creating chord melodies is also a great way to learn and retain melodies. Be aware what scale degree the melody is when creating chord melodies and this information will be useful when transposing or superimposing melodic ideas into these chord changes.

The chord progression is pretty unique in that it starts on the IV chord which is B flat major, or in this case B flat major 6. The progression can be a bit challenging to solo over and may take some studying before feeling comfortable with it. Learn Frank’s solo and analyze what he plays to help you form your own ideas and help you understand how to play through the changes. Take your time with this one and have fun!


  • 1st Chorus – Play melody, chords or chord melody with Frank at letter [A]
  • 2nd and 3rd Chorus – Play solo at letter [B]
  • 4th Chorus – Frank’s solo at letter [C]
  • 5th Chorus – Trade 4s with Frank at letter [D]
  • 6th chorus – Trade 4’s on melody or with Frank at letter [E]. Try to have the melody memorized or improvise off the melody at this point. Refer back to letter [A] to study the melody. Watch for tag ending at letter [F]

Guitar Lesson:

Click here to download the chart.