The quality and clarity of Ian Stich’s teaching approaches have rightfully earned him massive praise and a huge following on his website and social media network. We’re thrilled to welcome Ian to the family with his first TrueFire course, Blues Soloing Decoded! Let’s talk Blues Guitar!

”Have you ever wondered how your favorite blues guitar gods can blow your mind with their solos? You might feel that you’re missing a few pieces to the puzzle. Or maybe they are just naturally talented, and there’s no way that you can take your guitar skills to that level?

I’ll also show you tips for phrasing and creating your own licks, we’ll deconstruct a blues solo to help you connect the dots, and finally, we’ll even create one together, on the spot.”

Ian will explain and demonstrate all of the blues approaches and techniques you need to take your solos and improvisations to the next level. He has a brilliant way of showing you how to layer them all up in one place, on the neck, to make it super easy to see his “code” in action. You’ll get a solid grip on the 12-bar form, and the essential chord shapes, arpeggios and scales that you need to know.

Free Blues Guitar Lesson #1: Blues Solo in A – Performance

Now let’s jump into a performance of a Blues Solo in A.

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Free Blues Guitar Lesson #2: The Mixo-Dorian Blues Scale – SECTION 2: The Scales

All right, in this next chapter we’re gonna take a look at the scales. Here we’ll take a really cool, detailed look at them all in one place. We’re gonna look at Pentatonics Blue Scales, how to use them. I call this piece the frosting because let’s face it, you really need some good frosting on a cupcake, and we’re gonna serve you a great blues cupcake soon!

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Free Blues Guitar Lesson #3: Constructing an E Blues – Building an E Blues Solo

Let’s focus all of our efforts again on what we decoded in this class, and we’re gonna create a blues lead together. You’re gonna see how it’s done and hopefully you’re gonna enjoy it, and finally you’re gonna do it on your own, I promise!

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