Jamming with other players — there’s absolutely no better way to improve as a musician and guitarist! When you comp for another soloist, you not only work on building your rhythm chops — you’re also picking up new licks and ideas from their guitar solos. When they comp for you, it’s your opportunity to try out your own ideas and approaches, inspired by the groove that the rhythm section is laying down.

In these free guitar lessons from the Texas Blues edition of Trading Solos with Corey Congilio, you’ll jam together over a Texas blues shuffle in A and learn a few Texas Blues style tips as well. Jam on!

Texas Blues Style Tips

I get asked often about the gear I use to achieve a “Texas blues” sound. Generally, folks are looking to get a sound that’s similar to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s tone. Unfortunately, no one figured out how to bottle up his amazing tone! That being said, there are some great companies offering fantastic tools to get us close to that massive guitar sound!

I generally start with a single coil guitar. Stratocaster type instruments are obviously the standard, however, I’m using a tele and I generally get great results with this type of neck pickup. A Fender style amp (preferably blackface style) is the next step. I’ve also had luck with Marshall plexi style amps as well. These amps have a great natural breakup that handle pedals well.

When it comes to pedals, there are hundreds of options out there these days: SRV used Ibanez tube screamers and occasionally a fuzz. Do some research on light overdrive pedals or drop me an email and I can give you some of my favorite options. Ok, have fun on your tone quest!

Shuffle in A – Three Lick Ideas: Demo

Download the tab and notation for this Texas blues guitar lesson on TrueFire.

We have to start with a classic Texas shuffle feel. We’re in the key of A here, and I’ll start by showing you some licks and ideas I’d play over a groove like this.

Shuffle in A – Comping Approach: Demo

Download the tab and notation for this Texas blues guitar lesson on TrueFire.

I start with a classic shuffle comping approach here. I’ll briefly talk about how to make the rhythm sound “tight”. Also, really try to lock in with the drums and bass here. The upbeat rhythm I’ll show you is something I do often – it offers nice a counter rhythm and is a lot of fun!

Let’s Trade Solos – Playalong

Download the tab, notation and jam track for this Texas blues guitar lesson on TrueFire.

Okay, let’s trade some solos. I’ll throw in some of those ideas I demonstrated for you. Don’t forget to play rhythm for me when I solo. Alright, let’s have some fun!

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