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Video Guitar Lesson

Natural harmonics are created when the length of a string is cut in half. For the natural harmonics, They are descending, 12, 9 7,5,4 and 3rd frets. The harmonics also ascend as well on the same ascending frets. I encourage you to experiment to discover where they are. When playing the harmonics, most student have the problem of trying to time the left and right hands. This usually causes the student to miss the harmonic. When playing them, Leave a second to so of lag time between the plucking of the string and the lifting if the left hand.

Artificial harmonics are created by fretting a note and plucking it 12 frets above. Fret an A. 12 frets higher, place your index finger on the 14th fret. Use your ring finger to pluck the note. Remember to leave a little lag with the index finger so the harmonic can speak.

For a more advanced artificial harmonic technique, play a D chord. We are going to pluck the chord and play a harmonic at the same time. Fret the chord. With the right hand, place your index finger on the 14th fret for the harmonic and prepare the ring finger for the pluck. The middle finger will be on the B string playing the D. The thumb will be on the G string playing the A. All three of the string are plucked at the same time. This includes the ring finger on the E string for the F sharp harmonic