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Video Guitar Lesson

A good warm-up is essential. Often I have students walk into my studio and they are not ready to play. They need a few minutes to calm down, stretch the hands and generally get ready to go. This will cut down on the possibility of injuries and improve your playing, especially if you have had RSI( repeative strain injury) in the past.

Start by working the hands. Make some fists, say ten tight ones. Then, extend them by opening them as far as possible. Roll the wrists in either direction about 10 times and side to side.

Once completed , grab your guitar. Start with a simple exercise. Play on the first four frets of the g string up and back. This exercise just gets you into the zone of playing. Incorporate a speed burst now and then . The idea is it sync the hand. Continue to do this until you can feel the blood rush to your hands and arms. One you feel this, you are warmed up.

After you finish these exercises, take a few minutes to settle in and get comfortable before you start your playing. By completing this little routine, you will be ready to play and be healthier for it.