If you want to learn how to learn guitar chords quickly, try this muscle memory method! Here’s how it works:

First, finger the guitar chord you want to practice. Strum once, to make sure it sounds right. Then, instead of taking your fingers off the frets, press harder. Hold the chord down (without strumming) for about thirty seconds, hard, then let go, rest your hand, and repeat.

The idea is that this is superior for muscle memory than strumming a chord, letting go, strumming again, because you are really imprinting the guitar chord shape on your hand, instead of constantly resetting. It’s almost a trick to how to learn guitar chords.

For guitar chord changes, break the change down by the finger. See what each finger does in the first chord, and how it moves to the second, and just practice that finger in isolation. Once you’ve covered all the fingers alone, bring them together. That’s it!

The muscle memory method is a great way to learn how to learn guitar chords quickly and easily. Try it and let us know what you think in the comments!