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This is an excerpt from one of my tunes inspired by the likes of Phil Keaggy and Tommy Emmanuel. The tune is called “Sweet Melody” off my Sometimes in Life album. I wrote it for my girlfriend, now wife of 10 years. I’ll never forget playing it for her for the first time in a stairwell. The reverb just was awesome and inspiring.

The concept here is using E major key along with a repeating treble line underneath a simple moving bass line. Make sure to pay attention to what finger I’m using for each bass note. That will be important to determine fingers will be playing the top part of the exercise.

When you us the hammer on, make sure your thumb hits the 3rd string. By doing this you can use a simple P I M finger roll to complete the round of notes.

Hope you enjoy this little lesson and that you can play it too. Perhaps you’ll get the chance to play this and create in a stairwell, just like I did years ago.

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