Inspired Fingerstyle Guitar is a free video guitar lesson series by Lance Allen. Be sure to check out his official website and subscribe for more free lessons.

E Major Scale Fingerstyle Exercise with 3rds Tab

Today’s inspired fingerstyle guitar lesson is neat. It’s based around the E major scale in the first position where we will be using our right hand thumb to pluck the notes of the scale, while our 1st and 2nd fingers play 2nd and 1st strings respectively.

The amount of creativity you can do with this is incredible. It’s sounds really good when you allow the strings to ring as long as possible. You’ll impress your friends with this once you can get it down with some speed and accuracy.

Make sure you practice it slow and in tri-pa-let form, where you count 1 and a, 2 and a, etc. Don’t forget to skip around a little and have fun with it.