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Right Hand Groove Tab

Today’s inspired fingerstyle guitar lesson is based on an interesting voicing of the C#m9 chord. The voicing allows us to use the open first and second strings, which gives us the great sound and over tones we look for in fingerstyle guitar.

The 2nd chord is an Emaj7 add 9 which goes along nicely with the C#m9. I added the A9 chord to give it one more chord to the progression. Other chords we can add to the exercise are B, F#m, G#m. You may even refer to the lesson where I teach the notes of the E major scale up the neck. You can definitely find some interesting voicings that can go along with this particualr groove and chord arrangement.

I love this idea and will be working with it as it develops. I would love to see someone out there submit something that comes of this. Feel free to make a video and post here or share on Facebook.

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