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Using different voicings of chords can be a fun thing. In this case, I’ve used interesting voicings to create a nice fingerstyle guitar piece.

Here I’ve used a C chord, not at the first position but all the way at the 8th fret. By doing this I can also use the first string to give a unique drone sound. The droning note, or repeating note, that I’m using is the open first string E note. This will be in all the chords that I’m using.
From the C chord, I move to an interesting Am9 chord at the 5th fret, and then to a simple Em, and finishing up with an Fmaj7 chord in the first position. This chord progression offers a very nice sound when fingerpicked.

On another pass, you can use your pinky finger to capture an additional high note, that will also offer a a nice sound to the listener.

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Have fun and happy guitar playing!