In the following 9 John Mayer guitar lessons, he shares some insight and inspiration for guitar players wanting to learn about songwriting, guitar, music theory, and other topics.

The student-exclusive guitar and songwriting clinic was hosted at Berklee College of Music, where John Mayer studied for two semesters, in 2008. The 9 John Mayer guitar lessons cover several topics, from dynamics in music to songwriting and much more.

John Mayer Guitar Lessons

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 1: Inspiration

Inspirational talk about using the information you’ve learned to land your ideas when inspiration strikes in.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 2: Defining Success

If you want to “make it”, you have to define which are your expectations and what’s succeeding.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 3: Musicality

Figuring out how to turn the musical information you’ve got into listenable music. Later on, John performs “Stop This Train.”

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 4: Songwriting

A song needs a background chord progression that’s inherently interesting, without the main melody layer. John plays some examples.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 5: Soloing

Dose the intensity of your phrasing to keep the audience wanting a little more of your playing. John improvises in A minor as an example, along with his backup guitarist, Tomo, who also improvises a little.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 6: Connecting with the Audience

Avoid playing to show that you’re good, play to connect with people. When you connect with them, you’ll be good.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 7: The Songwriting Process

More insight about John Mayer’s songwriting process.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 8: Getting Started

How to get started in the music business and market yourself as an artist.

John Mayer Guitar Lesson 9: Performance

John Mayer performs his songs “Gravity” and “Taking on Water.”

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