by Charlie Doom

It wasn’t until I started trying to learn guitar, taking guitar lessons, and writing my own songs that my entire perspective on music changed: not all pop music is bad, but most of it is. And invariably, what people subjectively consider “good music” is music made by real musicians; people who understand, with seeming impossible skill, how to wield the power of music.

And at some point I learned that even the most impossible thing are possible. There are little tricks, rules and guidelines to everything and if you follow them chances are you’ll turn out a little boring, but just fine nonetheless.

I had a professor back when I was in film school who once said, “You need to learn all the rules. You need to fall in love with them. You need to know where their birthmarks are. You need to know everything about them. That’s why you’re in school – to learn the rules so you can break them.”

It’s no coincidence that our latest course, Sweet Notes, covers just this sort of thing – dissecting the impossible reasons why our favorite guitarists sound so good and why it’s really not all that impossible to sound good yourself.

Learn this course. Fall in love with this course. Know where its birthmarks are and kiss them. Once you’ve learned all you can from it show it the door with a wad of cab money then go make your own magic. Don’t worry, it’ll understand.

Truth. Love. Music.