Put all 10 fingers to work and unleash a torrent of fingerstyle playing plucking prowess on your guitar! Buckle up, dig in, and fast-forward your fingerstyle chops with this Essential Riffs edition of Progressive Fingerstyle from progressive fingerstyle master Mike Dawes!

Learn How to Play Rhythm, Harmony, Percussion, & Melody Simultaneously

Fingerstyle playing requires a set of core competencies that are essential for mastering the technique. Firstly, it is important to develop strong fingerpicking skills, including finger independence, control, and dexterity. This involves training the fingers to pluck individual strings accurately and consistently while maintaining a steady rhythm and tempo. Additionally, players must be proficient in various chord shapes and voicings, as well as be able to create and incorporate melodic lines and bass lines. Finally, as a fingerstyle player, you must have a good sense of timing and be able to seamlessly transition between different parts of the song, such as verses and choruses. Now, let’s get to those riffs!

Free Lesson: Rhythm Overload – Performance

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Free Lesson: Cloud Catcher – Performance

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What does Mike have to say?

”Playing, rhythm, harmony, percussion and melody simultaneously unleashes infinite creative and musical possibilities. That’s why I’m exited too share my first-ever progressive fingerstyle riff collection! I’ve cherry-picked 10 of my own favorite and most versatile passages for you. We’ll use them as the framework for the performance studios in this course — use them as presented or better yet — tweak and make them your own!

Although these riffs fall under the progressive fingerstyle umbrella, they draw influence from a variety of genres; Rock, Pop, Celtic, New Age – all playable with my progressive fingerstyle toolkit, and all designed to to diversify and enhance your fingerstyle skillset.

I’ll demonstrate each performance study and then break them down in immense detail. With TrueFire’s learning tools, the tab and notation is synced to the video. You can slow or loop any section to practice along with me and work it up to tempo.” – Mike Dawes

Free Lesson: Jiggin’ Heck – Performance

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Free Lesson: Reverie – Performance

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Free Lesson: Cloud Catcher – Breakdown

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