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Looking to expand your palette of single-note tonal colors? A great way to do so is to delve into modes and alternative scales. While that’s a worthy endeavor it’s rife with obstacles. Often guitarists don’t really know what the new scale or mode is all about and as a result they don’t know where to apply them. Guitarists are often presented concepts related to scale study that seem too good to be true and in time prove to be just that. And, guitarists in becoming frustrated with said methods also never gain a full neck vision of these new sounds. That all ends here: Welcome to 13 Scales and Modes That Matter.

This course is designed to present new single-note sounds into your playing. The idea is simple: Introduce the new scale or mode by scale degree formula and then get right down to showing how to apply it. Each scale or mode is played for you over style-specific jam tracks with in-depth explanation all the way through. In essence, I literally talk you through it. While the number 13 may not strike you as poetic this collection of scales and modes is one that really matters. These are the scales and modes everyone from rock stars to working stiffs use everyday and so should you! They are:

Melodic Minor
Lydian b7
Harmonic Minor
Phrygian Major
Whole tone
Symmetrical Diminished

Throughout 13 Scales and Modes That Matter you’re going explore various concepts including style-specific phrasing, parent scales, parallel major comparison and scale formulae. But don’t let that list fool you – this course is not about theory and not about licks. It’s all about the application. It’s about when and where to play these scales and modes you hear so much about.

To help get you up and running with the 13 scales and modes contained in the course I’ve prepared a chart to end all charts of fingering possibilities. Starting with a single scale the options go all the way up to four-note-per-string variations. What’s more, every scale or mode was broken down into a pentatonic scale whose five note formula is made up of the core components ensuring the sound and vibe of the scale or mode is present with a two-note-per-string pentatonic feel. Coupled with the 34 jam tracks that have accompanying Power Tab and PDF charts you have a sizable launch pad in which to take off from.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s play some music that matters! Click here for more: Modes That Matter