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Ok so the pre sweep picking (some call it economy picking or speed picking) stage is all about showing the best method for learning any new sweep picking riff. This demonstration is meant for those very new to the technique or those who may think they have developed some bad habits in the way that they learn. It important you get your head around “How” to practice before we look at “what” to practice. All tab is provided in Lesson, so no need for a download, lets jump right in!

My teaching method focuses on learning with each hand independently, you will see how, throughout the course i will follow a particular pattern of learning, a method i have found to be very successful in developing solid sweep picking technique.

We look at the left hand chord shapes first before learning a full sweep. When the shapes are solid in your mind and you able to change between them smoothly you move onto right hand picking pattern. We only focus on 1 shape while you develop the technique of the right hand. When this is complete we move on to changing shapes.

It’s important when learning that you follow these methods and try not to (although it may seem hard at times) to skip over a section in the hope that you will progress quicker, quite the opposite happens in guitar playing, its all about breaking something down into very manageable tasks that build up over time to create something rather complex.

The pre-picking stage is just that, the lesson you should take before you attempt to learn the technique and we will largely be looking at the right hand first and making sure the bad habits don’t develop!

Anyone can take a lesson no matter what ability you are can jump into this guitar course, just select from the list. This video contains a mini guitar course within it so you can click your level or you can jump right in here.

Truly honored to be part of a competition that will help get more people playing the guitar!

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