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This lesson is my personal favorite in the Pentatonic Poetry series because it digs into the all important topic of playing from the heart and making your guitar talk. We won’t be using electronic devices like wah wahs, envelope filters, talk boxes or phase shifters. All you’ll need is your fingers on the neck and a few solid ideas.

Speech based musical phrasing and the crafting of each individual note are covered in detail, plus bending, sliding, vibrato and more. There are no written examples for this one but you’ll probably want to spend some time improvising with the provided “Pentatonic Poetry” backing track! Enjoy!

Backing Track

About Tobias Hurwitz:
tobias-hurwitzOver the years Hurwitz has taught countless players everything from classic rock and metal to blues, jazz, fingerstyle, slide, funk, reggae and more.

Tobias was named Baltimore’s Best Guitar Teacher by The City Paper and Best Guitarist in the Mid-Atlantic by The Music Monthly. He is a music professor at Hagerstown Community College where he offers private guitar and bass lessons and runs The Electronic Ensemble. Learn more >>