The History of Rock Guitar

Before we dig into these free Sophie Lloyd guitar lessons, let’s take a step back and talk about the history of rock guitar. This genre can be traced back to the 1950s and early 1960s, when musicians such as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and Eddie Cochran began to incorporate electric guitar into their music. In the mid-1960s, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones popularized the use of amplified guitars, paving the way for the development of hard rock and heavy metal in the 1970s.

Guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page became legends for their innovative playing styles and techniques. In the 1980s, metal and hard rock evolved into alternative and grunge, with influential guitarists like Kurt Cobain, Tom Morello, and Eddie Vedder leading the way. Rock guitar continues to evolve to this day, with new artists and genres emerging all the time – one of which is TrueFire Educator, Sophie Lloyd!

In Sophie Lloyd’s Techniques edition of her Bulletproof Rock Guitar series, you learned 8 of the most powerful expressive techniques for modern rock guitarists. In this Licks edition, Sophie passes on a versatile collection of 20 licks that you can mix, modify and make your own.

”In this Licks edition, I’ll show you how to play 20 of my favorite licks for soloing and improvisation. We’ll work on licks using tapping, 3 note-per-string runs, sweeps, diminished scale permutations, repetitive cycles, and many other “bulletproof” expressive techniques.”

Sophie will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches as you play your way through each of the 20 licks. You’ll get standard notation and tabs for all of the soloing and rhythm performance studies. To see Sophie‘s FULL Course, Bulletproof Rock Guitar: Licks Edition, click here!

Sophie Lloyd Guitar Lesson #1: Slash Moves in B Minor – Lick 8

This lick is in the key of B minor and it is just using the first position of the minor pentatonic, so nice and easy there. We’re starting off by doing a little cyclic bend pattern and then we’re just running down that first position.

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Sophie Lloyd Guitar Lesson #2: Gilbert’s Gargoyle Lick – Lick 9

This next lick is an E flat major and it is inspired by the song Gargoyle by Paul Gilbert, who is one of Sophie’s favorite guitarists. It is this really cool string skipping lick, which kind of follows the chords all the way down.

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Sophie Lloyd Guitar Lesson #3: B Minor Pull-Off Lick – Lick 14

This next lick is in the first position of the B minor pentatonic scale and we are just staying in that position for all of it. It’s a really kind of cool cyclic pull off lick.

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Sophie Lloyd Guitar Lesson #4: E Minor Climb in 5ths

This next lick is in E minor, and we’re basically going to be doing a kind of climb up the fretboard in fifths and then we’re going to be doing a cool stretch pattern.

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Practicing licks regularly is essential for guitar students as it helps to improve technical proficiency, build muscle memory, and expand their musical vocabulary. By consistently playing licks, students develop muscle control and dexterity, allowing for smoother transitions and increased speed.

Additionally, regularly incorporating licks into their practice routine helps embed them into the student’s muscle memory, making it easier to recall and apply them in their playing. Furthermore, licks serve as building blocks for creating solos, riffs, and melodies, providing students with a wider range of creative options in their playing.

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