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Here’s a very basic latin-jazz strum pattern laid over a funky-latin-sexy-hop drum loop. All of the major ‘strokes’ are DOWN, and there’s a nice bunch of ‘chicken scratch’ in between those accents which makes this strum flow. Pay special attention to beat ‘2’ in the second measure of the pattern…. There’s a very strong, accented ‘down stroke’ with muted strings (left hand). Again, when you nail this, the ‘groove’ factor escalates.

You could certainly use this pattern in a more traditional latin/jazz context and at faster or slower tempos. Play around and see what you find. I personally love to mix and match genres in strange ways. It’s one of the things I love about so much of today’s music!

I’m using a moveable minor 7 and dom9 chord starting in the 7th fret, then moving them down to the 5th fret. So my chords are: Bm7-E9/Am7-D9. Try using different chords and listen to the difference.