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Here’s a really fun pattern that I’ll show you using power chords – and giving it an ‘acoustic-rock’ feel. Simply put, this strum could be called: DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, UP.

We’ll be looking at the ‘Left Hand Mute’ and how that gives this strum its super ‘punchy-clean’ sound and we’ll also get a chance to practice our ‘chicken scratch’.

Before you go breezin’ through this – make sure your muting is clean on each of the power chords. They each require a slightly different set of maneuvers and finger positions to make them sound awesome. Subtlety is everything when it comes to being a bad-ass rhythm player!

Check out the very end of this lesson for another application of this strumming pattern! The chords I’m using there are Am-G-F-Esus-E7.